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My Inspiration

Thursday, 5 April 2012

A Thankful Thursday....

I have been a little forgetful on my Thankful Thursday posts, and usually that would mean that I do an extra long list, but since I still have mucho to pack and do, it's just going to be a regular one. Sorry guys. But, I know how much you love these, so maybe you'll all forgive me.

Well, except for my friend K, who tells people to stop reading my blog.


Now I'll know for sure if she reads my blog.

I'm thankful for...

1. Generous in-laws. Cuinn's parents gave us their airmiles so we could fly out to see them for Easter. Isn't that amazingly kind?

2. My supportive brother. I was feeling badly about leaving him here alone for Easter, but when I told him of our plans he said, "Don't you worry about me, go let Aislynn bond with the rest of her family too!" My brother is amazing. He really is.

3. A day in the city with my family. Cuinn and I are going to spend some time in the city before we fly out to Alberta. Our flight doesn't leave until 9:15 pm, so we're just gonna hang out and do some Easter stuff in the city. 

4. Our friends J and J who loaned us their portable dvd player for the plane ride. 'nuff said.

5. My friend K who is kinda like my other spouse. When Cuinn isn't here to kick my butt into gear, K is. She's awesome.

6. K's man friend, B. He's like me, and tries to help me out, especially when I'm procrastinating. What a guy.

7. The woman on one of the mom swap groups I belong too. I was just saying to Cuinn how I needed to get Aislynn some summer pj's and other summer things, and this woman posted how she had two bags full, for free. I wasn't expecting much, since it was free and all, but when I got it and looked through it, it was all in excellent condition. No stains, looked barely worn, and all very good stuff. When people are generous like that, it makes me want to pay it forward, so I took half of it, and passed on the rest. I really didn't need all of it, and I knew I could share. 

8. My Epicure starters pack came today! Now I am a full fledged Epicure consultant!! So, if you're looking to have a fantastic time eating food and getting free product, then let me know! We'll party it up, Epicure style!

9. How supportive Cuinn has been about me starting Epicure. I am so nervous that I'm going to fail, and I won't make any money, and that no one will want me to do a party for them. Every time I knock myself down, Cuinn is there to build me back up. You're awesome babe.

10. The woman who did my eyebrows tonight. They look amazing, the best I've had so far. And, she was really fast. Which, when you're getting hair ripped out of your face, it's always nice to know it'll be over real soon.

11. This weekend and what it means for man kind. Thank you, Jesus, for giving up your life so that we could have eternal life through you. The big guy has made it pretty easy for us to win in the afterlife, and that's aces in my book.

12. My sister in law C. I knew I wasn't going to be able to do any shopping this weekend in Alberta, so I asked her if she could pick up some Tiny TOMS for Aislynn, since it would be cheaper there, what with the barely any tax and all, and I would give her the cash when we got there. Instead, she bought them and said, "Don't worry 'bout it. Consider it a birthday gift for my awesome niece." She rocks.

13. The warm(er) weather here. I was busy packing for spring, then I remembered that AB doesn't get spring. It's still winter there. So I am very thankful for living in a province that has 4 seasons!

14. My friend K. She is one of those people that ask you, "How are you?" and she really wants to know. Those kind of people are rare, I'm so glad I have a good friend like that.

15. McDonalds hot Oreo pies. Have you tried one? They are delish, go out and buy two for $1.46 You will not be disappointed. 

16. Daddy and Aislynn bath time. I always know, that every night, I am guaranteed half an hour, all to myself. Also, I get to listen to my daughter and my husband making all sorts of noise and mess and it warms my heart. I love their relationship. I married a good man.

17. Cheese dip and home made pita chips. So delish.

18. Aislynn's bed time. That time between 8ish and 11 is marriage time. When Cuinn and I can just hang out, not like parents, but like a couple of kids in love. Bliss.

19. Our dishwasher. I loathe doing dishes, and our dishwasher makes it a little more bearable. 

20. The free Tassimo cups we got today. Cuinn mailed away for a coupon for his free sample, and we cashed it in today. Even though it's disgusto coffee, I know it made Cuinn happy. And hey, I can't say no to a free thing. Even if it's something I hate.

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kpeereboom said...

I always love reading your thankful posts - they remind me to be thankful for the blessings that have been given me - even if they are small ones! Its funny that you post #10 because I've been wondering about good place to get eyebrows done in Alliston - I tried one place in the summer and they screwed them up so I haven't been back and they look a little bush like :-) if you could let me know where you went that would be awesome :-) Have a wonderful vacation with your family Sarah!