My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Friday, 13 April 2012

A Thankful Thursday....on Friday...

I am so terrible at weekly posts.

I forget about my weekly posts until 3 in the morning sometimes all the time. Then I like, flail in bed because I'm so annoyed that I forgot.

Whatever, I'm here now, and you'll all like it.

I am thankful for...

1. That even though we had the worst plane ride ever, we made it home. Safe and sounds.

2. Aislynn was a trooper through the whole weekend. 4 hour flight, 2 hour time difference, and I think only 1 tantrum the whole weekend? I am so proud.

3. Cuinn being so amazing to me this weekend. He is, without a doubt, the best husband in the entire world. Love you babe.

4. Cuinn's sister C and her hubby N for picking us up from the airport and for C driving us back to the airport. Thanks sweets, I love ya like a real sister. Same goes for you N, you're the best outsider ever.

5. (this might get confusing, so keep up) Cuinn's brother in law's sister B, who loaned us a couple baby items. Although Aislynn mostly slept in bed with me during the night, nap time during the day was made much easier. Thanks again!

6. Cuinn brother T, it was so fantastic that he got to meet Aislynn for the first time. And even changed a diaper!! It's been too long T, we miss you.

7. T's girlfriend A. Man, oh man. If I could pick a girl to be my newest sister in law, I couldn't have picked better. She is so good for (and to) T, she was amazing with Aislynn, her and I hit it off. We love her and hope to get to know her better.

8. Jesus, for giving his life for those who don't deserve it. Awesome.

9. Yarn and my crochet hooks. I really love crochet-ing. Even though my current project is so very frustrating. Any body have a pattern for making a  "B"?

10. My dr. I have finally made the appointment to get my toe looked after. April 19. Which happens to be a Thursday. I am terrified, but Dr. K has really put me at ease, and he even came to the phone when I called him today to ask a few questions. Shh, don't tell Cuinn, he'll make fun of me for being so scared.

11. Epicure. I am now a, for real, Epicure consultant! So, if you're in my area, please feel free to book a party with me! I am so excited for this new venture and I just can't wait to get started!!

12. Warm, cinnamon buns. Cuinn and I treated ourselves to Pillsbury Cinnamon buns last night. A little bit of heaven on our plate.

13. Girls Downton Abbey night, tonight! Thanks K, for hosting again! You rock, girl.

14. Aislynn's roaring. I love watching her walk around, dancing to the music, roaring instead of singing. My girl is so awesome.

15. Nap time. I can't be the only mum who enjoys the house of quiet.

16. That Cuinn and I found a daycare provider we love. We don't just like her. We don't even just love her. We LOVE her. Seriously. I had a list a mile long of things I wanted and didn't want in a daycare provider, and this woman has hit every single one of them, and a few I didn't even know. I am so happy and excited for Aislynn to start going once a week. I'm also a little jealous, I kinda wanna go myself!

17. Weather which permits Aislynn to wear dresses everyday. Now I know why my mum wanted me to be a girly girl. It is so much easier to dress a child in dresses than pants and a shirt. I foresee Aislynn in a LOT of dresses this summer.

18. Cuinn's customer giving him a gift card to East Side Mario's. There are people here, in our tiny town, who have made Cuinn love his job all over again. Not because they give him gifts, but because they are genuinely thankful for the extra mile Cuinn goes for his customers.

19. The girly chat I had with C and K yesterday at lunch. If you can't talk to your friends as honestly and open as I can with mine, then you need better friends.

20. Cuddles with Cuinn. Falling asleep while in the arms of the man I love. Perfect.

What are you thankful for?


Colin said...

I'm thankful you're getting your toe fixed. Well Done!

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

I'm very nervous, but it's finally getting done.