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My Inspiration

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

An Easter To Never Forget....

Cuinn and I managed to get out to Alberta to see his family for Easter this weekend. We haven't seen some of his family for two years, so it was really great that Aislynn got to meet her Uncle T, Uncle N, Auntie C and Auntie A for the first time. We actually got to meet Auntie A for the first time this weekend too. And, in case you were wondering, she is AMAZING. Seriously. We love her. She was so great with Aislynn, me and her seemed to hit it off, and I just really like her. And Uncle T looks so happy. Happier than I have ever seen him. So, y'know, yay! It was so great to re-connect with Cuinn's sister and her hubs too. His sister was my bridesmaid in our wedding, and I feel like her and I really get along. Plus, her husband is super cool. We would love, love, LOVE for N and C to come out to see us this summer. Me and N get along very well too. So, basically what I'm trying to say, is it was great to catch up with family who we haven't seen in a while.

I, unfortunately, don't have any pictures because I was too preoccupied. I know A and C got some pictures, so I'm hoping that they send them my way.

The part of our trip that was unforgettable though?

Our plane ride home.

Man, oh man.

First of all, our flight left at 7 am, we were at the airport way to early in the morning and it sucked. Ever tried to nap in an airport? Don't. It's awful.

So, Cuinn and I were tired, cranky, and just wanted to get home.

We then boarded the plane and the pilot told us, "It's kinda windy in Toronto, but whatever, it's no big thing." 

He didn't really say that, but that was the message I took from it. I was like, who cares if it's windy? Isn't that good? Doesn't that mean we'll get there faster because of tail winds and such like? Don't people make connections about tail winds and faster flights?

Whatever, I was tired and stressed and I had no idea why he was talking about wind when I just wanted to sleep.

So after the pilot's announcements, Cuinn, Aislynn and I all promptly fell asleep. Before take off. Seriously. We were all snoring and drooling while people were still coming onto the plane.

How attractive.

When we finally woke up, the flight attendants were handing out the drinks of water. Y'know, the drinks of water they pass out, like, 30 minutes before landing? The one lady even said, "Wow, you all slept the entire flight! That's awesome!" We were obviously exhausted. Even Aislynn.

So, that's cool, I'm thinking at this point, "man, flying is such a breeze, I don't know why I always get so freaked out about flying. Why am I being such a baby?"

Famous last thoughts.

Because you all know what comes next.

The turbulence.

And I don't mean a little bit of movement where people are still sleeping, or going to the bathroom. No, I'm talking people are actually yelping out in fear, babies are crying all over the place, the plane is shaking and moving so much that even Cuinn grabbed my hand, then we shared a look that said, "We could seriously die today."

People all around us were taking out the barf bags and filling them. And not with Easter eggs.

Then it got even worse.

Aislynn threw up all over Cuinn and the only thing I could do was say, "Oh, she's puking."

Seriously? How is that helpful?

So Cuinn said, "I need your help, Sarah!"

Because at this point, even he was freaking out a bit.

So I did the only logical thing.

I held out my hand so she could puke into it. First of all, let me tell you, this was not just baby spit up. This was full on, human puke. Like, she threw up her lunch. Are you getting the picture? Second of all, my kid doesn't puke. I think she's maybe puked 3 times in her whole life? And this was one of them? So I never had to deal with gross baby puke, which means that when she actually does throw up I am so incredibly disgusted by it that I kinda freeze and think, where's Cuinn? I'm not cleaning that up!

So the fact that I actually held out my hand so she could continue to expel the contents of her stomach into it, kinda proves how much I love my kid.

Urgh, being a parent is so gross sometimes.


After she pulled an exorcist and had thrown up everywhere she started to cry. I mean, she's never had the food come back out that way, she was totally freaked, plus her mom and dad probably looked terrified, and she obviously did not like the slimey and burning feeling on her arm. It was awful.

We were that family that you hate on the plane.

You know the family.

The family with the baby that is crying so loudly, so dramatically, so heart breakingly. And we couldn't do anything. Cuinn basically just held her and tried to soother her, I shook my hand into the paper bag they provide and we just prayed we would hit the ground in one piece. 

Finally, after a billion hours of the worst plane ride of our lives, the pilot got us safely on the ground. Before the seatbelt lights were even on I ran to the bathroom to grab some cleaning supplies. The flight attendants were amazing and said, "What can I get for you?" but not in an annoyed, pat response kind of way, in a, I really want to help you kind of way. She brought us over thick cloths to try to clean ourselves up, and garbage bags for our clothes and a glass of water. Then the family behind us gave us mentos so we could feel a little bit fresher. She was so nice, she had her two older kids with her and she said, "I've been there, it gets easier. Look! They can clean themselves up now!" Because obviously the daughter wasn't holding her lunch either. Basically everyone was really awesome and it made the terrible experience a little less terrible. Thanks WestJet!

Anyway, after that we got our bags and came home. Pretty sure we're done with planes. At least for a few months.

We need a break after our vacation!

Hope all of your Easter's were a little less scary!!


Kelly said...

WOW! How scary! Glad you got home safely! :)


Colin said...

So about "seriously going to die". As opposed to lightheartedly or jokingly going to die?
And I also remember doing much the same for a puking young lady!
Sorry you had such an awful flight though