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My Inspiration

Sunday, 4 September 2011

A final fling with Summer 2011...

I don't know about you, but it really bugs me when people don't update their blogs in a timely manner. Seriously people. Nothing annoys me more than going to one of my favorite blogs and seeing that the last time they posted was JULY 3!!! C'mon! Where is the heart? Where is the dedication? Where is the love?

Where is my life?

Just kidding.

Anyway, I figured that if I get really, super excited about a new blog post by one of my fav bloggers, than maybe you will too.

All of my 5 followers.

Maybe one day I'll hit the double digits.

Maybe one day.


Seriously, I wonder how many times the word "anyway" would come up on this blog if I did a count. Maybe, like, a hundred? Probably. I say it a lot. Anyway. Ha ha.

It's labour day weekend, and we are smack dab in the middle of it on a late Saturday night. It's been chock full of awesome things. Such as the phrase chock full. Doesn't that just bring you back to the good ol' days? 

Cuinn actually has a weekend off and it actually happens to be a weekend that regular people have off too so it's actually been pretty awesome.


We've been hanging out with our new best friends forever Je and Ja and their bee you tea full daughter M.

Just in case you didn't read it one of the other million times I've said it in this blog, M has the exact same birthday as Aislynn, just a year before.

We have been getting pretty tight with our new bff's and learning lots about them.

Like how they are super perfect for each other.

For reals.

This is a couple that you just KNOW are meant to be for each other.

So awesome.


Last night they hosted their first annual Labour Day Weekend Corn Roast Extravaganza. 

I just named it that. They actually just called it a BBQ with some friends.

Their name for it sucks.

Cuinn and I were sitting around the campfire with all these other Grown Ups with all their kids running around and it was kinda cool. 

We're totally part of that grown up group now.

Still weird.

Anyway, the BBQ was awesome. Lots of good people, lots of good food, lots of good times. We didn't take our camera so we didn't take pictures, but just believe me when I say, it was a good time.

Then today Cuinn, Aislynn and I joined Je, Ja and M at Ja's parents trailer for another BBQ and campfire. We also went for a swim. It was SO refreshing on a very hot and humid weekend.

Can I just break for a second and complain for the ridiculous humidity? I hate it! This summer has not been too bad for humidity, I mean, it still sucked, I still felt like I couldn't breath, but it hasn't been as bad as last summer. Although, I was preggo last summer, so that definitely didn't help matters, but seriously, it's September! I am so looking forward to sweaters and jeans season! This is the time of year that I rock my fall outfits! My super cute hoodies. My cute boots. My awesome vests. Seriously. My body was MADE for warm clothing. NOT for tiny little shorts and tank tops. I know how to look cute in fall and winter. I do not know how to look cute when I am a giant ball of sweat.

It was a really fantastic day out at the trailer. (I wish I had a trailer so I could just spend all summer "out at the trailer" Maybe some day) I really enjoyed getting to know Ja's parents. They do foster parenting and I just think that is amazing. It takes a special type of person to foster. To just give those children love right when they need it. To give this kids a little bit of stability in a time when everything is just all up in the air. And then to help them through the next transition, no matter what that is. 

Foster parents are really the un-sung hero's of CAS. 

After tonight, I just feel like God might be calling me to something. I'm not entirely sure what that is yet, I don't think it's fostering because we just don't have the resources for that right now, but I just felt like God was trying to tell me something tonight. I'll keep ya posted on what it is when I finally figure it out. Hey, I'm human, I don't get things so quick.

Or maybe I'm just being a Jonah and going in the wrong direction. I dunno. We'll see.


See? There's that word again. I need another transition word. Or maybe I just need some lessons in how to be a better blogger.

be a better blogger.

Say that ten times fast.

The evening was cut a little short because some storm clouds came over the trailer site in about 2 minutes. There was some scary lightening action happening and the boys thought it might be a good idea to pack up before the rain came so we weren't running around with a couple of kids in the middle of a storm.

Smart boys.

Because as soon as we got in the cars and onto the highway it started pouring.

And I mean pouring.

As is, pouring so hard we couldn't even see the white line on the road. It was terrifying. Je was driving our car and she said after about 5 minutes of driving, "I'm just going to pull over at the next exit because there's a Timmies there and we can wait it out."

I responded with,

"I fully support that decision."

We pulled into the Timmies parking lot and the boys were right behind us and we just waited it out. It was so scary. I was so impressed with Je not losing her cool though. If it had been me I would have been freaking out, but Je just pulled over in a seemingly calm and casual manner. I didn't even know until we got out of it how freaked she was. Then she told me how terrified she was too and I felt a little better about being such a wimp.

But we're true besties now. We've been through a life and death experience.

For reals.

I really wish I had taken a picture of the storm. It truly was amazing. I love me a good storm. I just wish we weren't driving in it.

So, our last summer fling has been pretty awesome thus far. We still have a couple days, and a few more plans, but so far, pretty amazing. 

Je and I also have some plans for the next 6 weeks, which I'll tell you all about in my next blog. I'm too tired to go on anymore.

I also have a few pictures from tonight, but they'll have to go up later, as I'm too lazy to post them right this minute. It IS midnight after all.

Plus, you've probably all stopped reading by this point.

I do tend to babble.

Hope all my lovely reader friends are enjoying their last fling with Summer 2011!!!


Tammy @ The Sabourin Family said...

Can't believe how fast this summer has flown. Glad you're enjoying these last few days. We'll have to get together sometime and meet Aislynn.

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

It's just zoomed by! Getting together sounds great, just name the time and place!