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My Inspiration

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A Tuesday Ten Link Up Party

Well, hello there!

It's Tuesday! Which means it's link up party time!

Every Tuesday this cool chick makes a list of ten things and then everyone else makes a list of ten things and we read everyone elses lists. Basically, it's awesome.

Unfortunately, it's been a long day. I'm pretty much exhausted. So this weeks list is going to be a quicky. See? even when I'm tired I'm still good for a quicky. Post. Quicky blog post.

shifty eyes

Anyway, Cuinn and I have a thing for Zombies. We like to read books about them, play games about them, look at them on the internet, watch movies about them, make contingency plans for when the inevitable Zombie Apocolypse happens, remind each other that even if the other was a Zombie we would still love each other. Yeah, we're a little weird.


here is my list for this week! Enjoy!

Ten Awesome Zombie Pins on my Pinterest!

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Heck Yes I would.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest


Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Love it.

Totally wish I could do this shoot.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Words can not express how much I want this for my house.

Oh no!!

Uh oh, do you have a babie? Or a miniture zombie in your house?


I have a few friends in mind when I see this.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

What a gentlezombie!

Anyway, go check out the other lists! Make your own list and linky linky!

Have a great day!


Nicole @ Miss Mommy said...

HA!. LOVE it!. Thanks for linking up :). See ya next week :)

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

See ya next week! I already know what my ten will be! I'm such a blogging geek.