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My Inspiration

Thursday, 22 September 2011

A peaceful moment...

Hey blogger buddies!

This is what the people in my house are doing at the moment:

(Cuinn's gonna kill me when he sees that)

So I am doing the blogger thing.

My amazingly, strong, awesome, sexy, super great dad and husband came home.

Can we just take a moment to say


The man of the house was in Quebec City for a conference for his work. He had a great time.

Oh, and by the way,

who's got two thumbs and just won All Star?

This guy!

No Big Deal.

Except, that it's a huge deal!

The All Star award is giving to two people per district who have basically been amazing. Best in the district and what have you. Well, Cuinn won it twice because there were only 2 people picked for 2 districts and he was in both of them. So he is amazing

I am so over the moon, ridiculously proud of him. He has worked tirelessly for his company and given so much of himself that he deserves it more than any other manager I know. Especially more than a few managers I know.

Anyway, I just had to share that with you all.

Right in this moment, my husband and my baby are sleeping. It is so quiet in my home and I am thinking about the last few days without my partner. It's been especially difficult this year. Mostly because we have a baby now. Not that she is a difficult by any stretch of the imagination. Sure, she is our little veloceraptor (She has a screech that will make your ears bleed. For real.), sure she has her moments of crying with her whole entire being, but really, she is the perfect baby. Sleeping through the night, no problems with breast feeding, has a smile that just light up our home. She's pretty much amazing. But even with all the amazing-ness, we've been really missing daddy.

But now he's home! And we're just so happy.

Yup, I started the first sentence with a But and the second one with an And. Deal with it. I ain't no english teacher.

With Cuinn home, it's made my week very easy. We've done a bit of a role reversal this week. Cuinn's been staying home with her, and I've been out bringing home the bacon.

I have started baby sitting to bring in a little extra moolah and Cuinn took a vacation day so he could have a few days to be with Aislynn and I before he heads back to work.

Cuinn and I have been realizing how hard it is to be the other person.

I really miss Aislynn when I'm out working. Like...really miss her. As in, I call Cuinn and tell him to bring her to me so I can feed her even though he has bottles for her.

Cuinn is finding out how difficult  and tiring it is to be home all day. He had to have a nap because he was so exhausted.

So, for now, I think we're happy with the status quo. I will continue being the stay at home mum, while keeping up with the baby sitting, and Cuinn will keep on going to work and bringing home the real money.

Another plus to having him home?

Date night.

We had our first date in 9 months.

Yup. 9 months.

Just in case you were wondering, Aislynn is 6 and a half months old. You can do the math.

It's just been incredibly difficult having a date night. Why do you ask? Well let me explain something.

Distance from our house to my parents house = 3559 miles 

Distance from our house to Cuinn's parents house = 2052 miles

See what I'm getting at here?

Usually people begin with leaving their kiddos with family to go on dates, we don't have that option. BUT, we have made some really amazing friends here. Especially in our good friends Je and Ja. And Je just happened to be at home tonight so she watched our Aislynn while mum and daddy went out to dinner.

It was glorious.

We talked about everything but baby for 2 hours.

I did so much better than I thought I would. I missed her, I was thinking about her, but I forced myself to just go out and have a good time with my husband. And I did. And I'm so grateful for good friends.

Infact, we were so grateful, we brought her home some cheesecake and had our dessert with her!

So, basically this post is about how I love my man friend. I love my baby. I love our friends.

I also love how when I was out working, Cuinn put our baby in jail. 

She, for some reason, really loves to play with the laundry basket. I can not get her away from the laundry basket. She likes it full, she likes it empty, she likes dirty laundry, she likes clean laundry. She's ridiculous.

OH, She also pulls herself up.

We are, for real, in trouble.


I also love that we're going to the apple orchard on Sunday. It's going to be the greatest day of my life.

Well, top 5 at least.

What are your plans for the next little while? Anything cool happening?


Hubby said...

You are an amazing mom! Staying at home with her has been exhausting, but rewarding!

Oh, you will pay for another sleeping pic... You will pay. :)

Jennifer Wereschuk said...
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Ashley said...

I'm stalking your blog while my little man is sleeping! Just so you know I Really enjoy reading it :) Also since we live so close I would be more than happy to watch Aislynn so you can have a date night!! You guys deserve it :)

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

Aw, thanks Ashley! Same goes for you with your little man! Thanks for reading. :)