My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Monday, 19 September 2011

A reminder to do two, chain two then do two...

So, my bestie, Je, is awesome. 


She taught me a new trick!

It's called crochet. And I love it.

She's the awesome friend who made the super cute hat for Aislynn, and she just finished making a super beautiful blanket as a wedding gift for another friend. For real, this blanket was amazing. I wish I had just stolen it, like I intended to. 

But I'm much too nice of a person.


Je taught me how to crochet. So I made a hat for Cuinn. Which wasn't so good. It was really big. Like, big enough that Aislynn's head could probably fit in it while Cuinn was wearing it.

But, since my husband is so kind and supportive, he has been wearing it all week at his conference. (Next post will be all about his conference. I'm just trying to suppress my sadness with him being gone. Not really, it's just that being a single parent I haven't had much time for blogging.) He's amazing.

So after I finished the hat, I decided to try my hand at a smaller blanket. For Aislynn. Who I am not forcing to love this blanket. Because I made lots of mistakes, and had to take out stitches so many times and redo things, and try to sew squares together that didn't really fit.


My next project will be way better though. Je said. She said she was really proud of me, but I think she might have just been acting nice. Same with her husband Ja. They both said it was really nice. They are really good friends.

Seriously though, I'm super proud of myself. I am so proud that I learned how to crochet AND to sort of read a pattern. I'm proud that I finished it. I'm proud that I didn't just give up when I got really frustrated. And I'm proud that I am still looking for more patterns to try out instead of giving up because my first attempt was not so perfect.

Serious progress right there.



I really wish I had taken photo's of the whole progress. Next time I will for sure. But I thought you all might love a view of my completed project.

Please be kind, as I am incredibly proud of it!

Not bad for a first try, eh?

SO, if there are any more "hookers" among us, share with me one of your favorite projects! Or share a pattern with me that you think I should try out. I am loving my new craft!

I have learned so much.

Like how I have to do two, chain two then do two again at the corners. And how I just have to be on clean up duty after I'm finished sewing the squares together. And tucking things in isn't always about bed time!

It's been an awesome time learning how to do this, and my friend Je is an amazing teacher by the way. Super patient, super supportive, super great.

She's a real teacher too by the way.

And if she can teach a class vectors and calculus in 6 weeks, and me how to crochet in an evening or two? She can pretty much teach anything.

Shout out to my bestie Je!!

Now, all of you, GO, do something crafty!



pippasmum said...

Lovely!!! I wish I could do some hookey, too, but I have never mastered crochet. The plan is to take a class once the littles don't need me so much at bedtime. In the meantime, I'll knit to my heart's content.
If you love crochet, you should check out the blog Attic24. Her stuff is lovely, too!

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

I could never figure out knitting! Crochet is so much easier for me. It does hurt my pinkies though. I'm going to have to toughen up my hands. Totally understand why the older generations have arthritic joints, what with kneading dough, hand and knees floor washing, knitting/crochet...