My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Friday, 17 August 2012

An Update...

Holy Heck! It's been a long time. My excuse? I was "working" this week, and by working I mean babysitting my friends kids. I went from my one child, to 4 kids. 

First of all, how the heck do you working mums do things? I came home, made an easy dinner, put Aislynn to bed then crashed myself. It's a good thing I didn't have anything planned this week, or I would have totally bailed on all of them.

No shame.

Anyway, I've gotta lot on my mind today as well as a to do list that is a mile long. So today is just a point form update. Enjoy my friends.

~ My friend J and S and their son C? They are no longer friends. They are family. I just wanted to make it official. They are always there for us, they love our daughter and we love their son, they are just those kind of friends you know will stick around. Thanks again for everything this week J and S!

~ Cuinn and I went on a date on Tuesday night. Dinner and a movie. Wanna know how much it cost? $35. For dinner, movie, AND popcorn! I love saving money. It's become a bit of an obsession. Break down of date. Dinner - Boston Pizza was $25. Movie tickets - $10 for 2 tickets. Popcorn - $0. BAM! 

~ The newest Batman movie? Have you seen it? If you haven't, ya need to. Seriously. I am so a Batman convert. I loved it so much that I want to watch the first two again and then go to the theater and watch the new one AGAIN! I'm not going to say anymore, just in case you haven't seen it. Amazing.

~ I lied, I will say that Bane's voice was really annoying. I couldn't understand a lot of what he was saying but figured it out with the context of what was going on. Cuinn had a hard time to and even said on the ride home, "Now I know why you hate it when I mumble. Sorry babe."

~ My dad gets here Sunday night, my mum gets here Monday. Excited? Oh yes.

~ This weekend before they get here = stress. I have laundry to do. A room to clean. Groceries to buy. A child to prepare. I never understood why my mum and dad were so cranky before family comes over, and why we always got "the talk" about how we have to behave when the family is there. I get it now. I totally want to show my parents how awesome my kid is. How well behaved she is. How she is absolutely perfect. Which she is, except sometimes she doesn't sleep so well. Sometimes she screeches. Sometimes she hits. And I really don't want my parents to be seeing any of that. Do other people feel like this too?

~ Oreo's = temptation at it's finest. I'm a little ashamed to say I just completed one who section of them. And I really want to eat more but I'm forcing myself to not.

~ I have not worked out ALL WEEK LONG. I feel so lazy. J! I need a work out soon!

~ I have learned I rock at keeping your secrets, I suck at keeping my own.

~ When I have a lot to do, I make a list of all the things I need to get done. I always write, "Make a list" first so that when I have finished it I can cross that off right away. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and makes me feel like my list is attainable. 

~ When I don't go near my blogger dashboard for a week, I have a lot to catch up on. All of you, stop being so fabulous and writing blogs all the time. 

~ Don't though, because I really love reading your bloggity blogs.

Bye now, time to catch up on a million and 1 posts!

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Emily Kazmierski said...

I couldn't understand half of what Bane said either! It was super annoying.