My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Friday, 17 August 2012

A Friday Full Of Letters...

Dear Monday, get here sooner.

Dear Home, Clean yourself. 

Dear Laundry, Go do yourself.

Dear Bedroom, Clean yourself.

Dear Dishwasher, Empty yourself

Are you getting the theme here?

Dear Hubby, You're amazing. Thank you for making dinner, taking Aislynn out on a daddy/daughter date, bringing home donuts and then bathing Aislynn so I could have a rest. You're a rock star.

Dear Aislynn, you're always going to be my girl. I love ya baby girl.

Dear J, thanks for driving today!

Dear Oreo's, Why do you have to be so addicting?

Dear Donuts, You too!

Dear Self, sorry I missed both workouts this week. I'ma kill it next week though!

Dear Bed, I'm coming at ya!


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