My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Friday, 10 August 2012

A Thankful Thursday...

Yeah, it's Friday, but better late than never, right?

This week I am thankful for...

1. The rain. It's totally gonna screw up our tiny town's festival this weekend, but we kinda needed the rain. And who doesn't love dancing in the rain?

2. The gas card Cuinn got for his birthday from his parents. Life saver!

3. Getting gas when it is 127.3 because the very next day it jumped to 135.8

4. My friend K, who is having a birthday today and we celebrated by going out for drinks last night. What fun!

5. My friend J, who is my work out buddy. Without her, I would just sit on the couch every day.

6. Once Upon A Child. I got a new carrier for Aislynn because the stretchy wrap doesn't work for her weight. It is regularly ober $100, but because I got it used, it was one $10. Boo ya!

7. My dad was here for a night and a day. He did some dishes, took us out to Tim Hortons and played with Aislynn. It was such a treat to have him here for a night. Can't wait until both my parents get here.

8. Both my parents get here in a week and 3 days!!

9. Clean laundry.

10. Crawling into bed after you've changed the sheets.

11. Our friend's new baby. He is so wonderful.

12. Root Beer. I always hated it growing up, but then when I got pregnant with Aislynn I craved it all the time and the love for it never went away.

13. Lemon water. The best drink ever when I'm working out.

14. Cuddles on the couch with my number 1 baby!

15. Coupons and flyers. I get a weird little thrill out of saving us so much money on groceries.

16. Caller ID. It allows me to ignore all those annoying telemarketers. Especially the one who has been calling me to take a survey about the upcoming presidential election. Seriously? I'm in CANADA! No president...

17. Listening to Aislynn's words. I love listening to her chatter and copying our words.

18. My handsome husband who just had a birthday this week. I am always thankful for that man.

19. Curling up in my reading chair with a good book while Aislynn is snoozing.

20. Photographs. I really love looking at pictures and seeing how much we've all grown.

What are you thankful for today?


Jenn N said...

Chocolate covered almonds and Netflix. Thank you Netflix, without you I"d never get to cook a meal.

Jenn N said...

Also. I'm thankful for the fishes at the bottom of your blog. I feed them every time I visit and it makes me smile. The simple things in life :)

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

Yum, chocolate covered almonds, my fav treat!

I'm so glad someone loves my fishies!!