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My Inspiration

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A List Of Ten...

Y'know, if I wanted, I could probably do a link up a day since there are so many fabulous blogger ladies who do linky linky parties.

I try to just be original and do my own thang, but lately I have not been feeling too creative but I have wanted to blog, so the only way that I can do that in my head is to join in on the linky links.

So, Tuesday Ten is one of those things that I used to link up to a lot in the ol' days, and I haven't done it in a while, so today I'm going to make a list of ten. Enjoy!

10 Things I Love About Aislynn

1. When Aislynn is snoozy and needs a nap, she crawls into my lap and puts her arms around my neck and rests her head on my shoulder. Swoon.

2. In the morning, she cries out, "DADDY! DADDY!" because Cuinn goes to get her in the morning. When he gets to her room, she says in the sweetest little voice, "Morning!" I can't help but smile.

3. When she is in a silly mood, she scrunches up her shoulder, puts her hands to her cheeks and smiles, then makes this adorable little noise. I just want to squish her face!

4. She sometimes spills her water/milk on the floor if I give her a big girl cup. When she spills it, she looks at it, says "Uh oh...", stands on it and just looks at me as if to say, "I'm really sorry mumma."

5. When she is done eating, she asks for a napkin and wipes the table. When she's done, she looks at me with a very proud look on her face.

6. Aislynn is the most independent and curious child in the world. I love that wants to explore everything and that her mind is just a sponge, soaking up so many new things! I love seeing the world through her eyes.

7. She loves to say Nooooooo, like a roller coaster. Up and down in inflection. She says no for yes and for no, but when she says it like Nooooooo, up and down, she really means yes. When she says a quick NO, it actually means no. We're trying to get her to say, Yeeeeeees, but there's a part of me that wants her to keep her two no's.

8. I have a few clunky bracelets, and purses and Aislynn loves to put my bracelets on and carry my purse around while saying, "Pretty. Pretty." She even knows that she needs to keep her hand in the air so that the purse and bracelet doesn't fall off. So cute.

9. When Cuinn and I are hugging and kissing in the kitchen, Aislynn comes between us and pushes me to one end of the kitchen and Cuinn to the other. Then points at us and says,  "Don't!" So we pick her up and we have a family hug and all is well again.

10. Aislynn likes to pick out her own outfits for the day. She opens the drawers, and pulls things out to wear. She's surprisingly good at it.

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