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My Inspiration

Monday, 27 June 2011

Summer daze..

It's summer!


Party down!!

Now, let me set the record straight. I actually like summer time the LEAST out of all the other seasons. I don't like the heat, I don't like the humidity, I don't like going to the beach (it's so dirty), I don't like seeing girls scantily clad (yes, I am 80), I don't like sweating.

Those are the things I don't like about summer.

What about the good things?

There are a few things.

I love the relaxed nature of EVERYTHING!
I'm not a very high strung person as it is, I'm pretty chill. I like to walk at a leisurely pace. I like to wander about town with my baby. I like to leave the house at 10 to be somewhere for 11 so that I can stop if I see something that catches my eye and investigate. I'm kind of like a child when I go somewhere, the smallest thing distracts me, so I try to give myself ample time to get anywhere so that I can still be as inquisitive as I need to be.

I love that Canada's Wonderland is finally open!
I got a seasons pass last summer so I could go every weekend. Yep, that was my intent! Unfortunately, (well, not really unfortunately, but y'know) I found out I was pregnant about a week after I bought it. Which meant I couldn't go on any of the rides. Boo-urns. This year Cuinn won't let me get a seasons pass because Aislynn isn't really going to have fun there yet, and it's not worth it for us both to pay to go and I just get to go on the rides while Cuinn drags Aislynn around following me and making a cranky baby. I do understand that, but I also told him we WILL be going to Wonderland at LEAST twice this year. Please? I love Wonderland!! I love the rides and the atmosphere and feeling like a kid again! I love the memories of my parents taking Simon and I when we were kids. My mum always packed us a lunch and we would go just outside the gates to eat our sannies and chips. I used to hate that part. Now I understand who smart it was. (Yes, my mum was right. When I was 16 I never thought I would say that. I say it almost daily now.) Yay for Canada's Wonderland!!

I love Canada Day.
I'm the only Canadian in my family. Let me rephrase, because I can practically hear my mum yelling, HEY! I'M A CITIZEN! I was the only one born in Canada in my family. My mum, dad and brother are all citizens. I do kind of feel like I'm the one with the most Canada pride though. My mum and dad rag on Canada a lot, and compare it to their homeland and say how the UK does EVERYTHING better. Simon really like the states and I think would be content living in a much hotter place that has no snow. Like Florida or California or something. Me on the other hand? I am in LOVE with my country! I love picking apples in the fall! I love going to the Maple Syrup farms and tapping a tree for syrup! I love poutine! I love Timmies! I love snow! Like, really love snow! I love the beautiful colors that fall brings! Mother natures mid-life crisis! I love how we celebrate May 2-4 weekend like it's a sacred holiday! This website is one of my favorites that I regularly quote because I'm just so darn proud to be Canadian!! We invented Air Conditioning in cars. Did you know that? We also invented insulin. Know what else? Duct tape! And we all know that duct tape fixes everything! We are a HUGE country! We have everything you want too! We have the glorious mountains in BC, we have the rigs in Alberta, we have the wheat filled prairies of Saskatchewan, You can't get better seafood than you can in Newfoundland, We have delicious pick your own farms in Ontario! Toronto is so full of multiculturalism and theater! We have EVERYTHING! Also, we are known for being so super friendly! I mean, I could go on and on about how great Canada is, but why don't you just come here and see for yourself? This is why I love Canada Day. I love celebrating how much I love my country with others who love my country just as much. We should make it a month long celebration!!

I love getting out of the house on nice days to pick fruit!
We just went to pick strawberries today! And I have a fruit calendar bookmarked on the computer so I  know when what fruit is ready to be picked, and where! We spent 10 bucks and we got A LOT of fruit! Yay for fresh and local fruit!

I love Ontario thunderstorms!
When I was younger I always remember how my dad used to go outside during the storms to watch the lightening. Sometimes I was even allowed to go out with him. I cherish those memories. I love the huge lightening bolts that bring a huge crack of thunder shortly after. I like when the power goes out and we have to light some candles and make our own fun without electricity, like playing a board game! My parents used to take us to Tim Horton's when the power went out. I really want to give Aislynn lots of fun memories like I have and those types of things need to start when she's young.

So, although I might complain about the heat this summer. I might complain about how I feel like I'm a big ball of sweat. I might even complain about all the high school kids being loud on my street. But this summer I promise to try to be a little less grumpy about the heat, and just enjoy the time with my family. 

Here's my to do list for summer. 

Wonderland at least twice
Show my Canada pride on July 1st
Show my daughter how we Canadians do it up right!
Connect with other families in our church and make it our home church.
Pick our own fruit at least once a week
Join the baby and parent swim class at the local pool with the other mums in my Monday group
Go to mom and tots camp in August with Ashley and Madi
Get to Burlington at least once to see my brother and sister in law!
Go for a walk EVERYDAY!
Get a BBQ party set up for the moms in the Monday group with their husbands so Cuinn can meet some other menfolk
Go for a picnic
Take Aislynn to the waterpad often
Turn the lights off to watch a thunderstorm (I actually stole this idea from a friend, but it sounded like such a fantastic idea so I put it on my list too)
Pretend the power went out and turn off ALL electronics and do something fun with the family.
Play a new board game
Lay on a blanket on the grass and watch the clouds go by
Make my blog interesting enough to make Cuinn want to read it (Just kidding sweetie, I love you!)

I might add to this as the summer progresses, but this is the first draft!
What is on your summer to do list?


Colin said...

I love having a Canadian daughter!

pippasmum said...

I'm with you, I love being Canadian and all that Canada has to offer. I especially love celebrating that it's summer and things slow down!!! I love your list, too. I have to add the "watching clouds" to my list and I also want to fall asleep outside on my chair sometime - I used to do that sitting outside reading on a summer afternoon before kids and I'd love to do it once this summer!