My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I'm a pretty big deal..

 I just found out I have another reader! Here's a shout out to my new(ish) friend! She's got a pretty awesome son who is roughly the same age as my beautiful baby girl. We met accidentally at one of the mummy groups here and just hit it off. Added bonus, she lives about 4 houses away. You know what the say. Location, location, location!
Welcome to my ramblings New Friend A!!!

Well blogger friends, it's that time again. It's time for another rant. Actually, a couple of mini rants. I'm feeling a little all over the place this evening. Buckle up.

Issue numero uno:

In a town that has only one street, why the hell would they think it's a smart idea to shut down the street for a marathon? On a Tuesday evening? When I am trying to get home with ice cold slurpees? Look, I'm all for physical activity. When I'm not the one who's actually doing it. I keed, I keed! But seriously, I was not impressed when I was trying to get home with a slurpee in one hand, another slurpee between my legs, and the steering wheel in my other hand (don't worry, the baby was safe and sound at home with daddy. I only drive like a maniac when it's just me), and I see cop cars with their stupid lights going, and all these crazy people in the street. I was kind of excited for a second though, I thought maybe it was a protest or something. No such luck. 
Just crazy people.
Doing this crazy thing.
Called running.

This brings me to my second rant

How do people find joy in running? 
Whenever someone tells me casually, "Oh yeah, I just went for a run and it felt GREAT!" All I can think to say is "LIAR!"
When I think about running, I remember being in middle school, and the psycho evil sadistic gym teachers made us run laps around the gym. For the whole class. What kind of medieval torture is that?
Now, I do have a good friend who just ran her first marathon. 
Actually, I'm not really up on the running lingo and don't know if it was classified as a marathon. It was a 5k anyway, which still sounds ridiculously impressive to me. This is coming from someone who gets out of breath DRIVING 5k. 
I do want to say that I am pretty darn impressed that my friend accomplished this. 
I think she's crazy for finding enjoyment at waking at 5, to go outside, to run.
Then again, I'm sure she probably thinks that I'm crazy for something I do which I think is normal.

Know what else I find annoying?

The fact that the stupid outdoor pool is not open during the week yet! Only on the weekends!
 OK, I do understand that they don't open it during the week until kids are out of school, but what are us poor stay at home mums supposed to do on a hot Tuesday afternoon? I mean, we're all gagging for some adult conversation, and yes I did enjoy my mummy group this morning, but that only lasts until 1130 ish.
I was really looking forward to going swimming with my new friend, but we found out that the pool won't open during the week until NEXT week. I'M TOO IMPATIENT TO WAIT!!

Speaking of pools.

We ONLY have an outdoor pool.

How dumb is that?

What the heck am I supposed to do during the other 10 months of the year that it's not hot enough outside to go swimming?
Yes, I know, there is a military base right near my tiny town that offers pubic swim to all us non-militia. But I'm in the mood to complain, so just leave me alone. :)
The whole town is talking about our new outdoor pool like it is a gift from God. 
They talk about it as if God Himself, came down from the heavens and laid every brick himself.
I don't understand the appeal to be honest. 
I would rather swim inside.
I'm an indoors kinda gal.
I hate the beach.
I prefer to go to a pool because it's inside.
And clean.
And bug free.
And people walking by don't stare at me because I'm in my bathing suit and their not.

The good thing is, it's heated.
Which means my baby won't freeze in the water.
Always a plus.


This blog is beginning to look more like my mind. Very unorganized.
It matches me house.

Which desperately needs to be tidied.

Especially the living room.

And the baby room.

And the kitchen.

Oh shut up, the whole place needs to be cleaned.

Let's end this blog on a positive note though. Because although I was complaining, I hope you all know it was in good humor. I am actually in a terrific mood.

My new friend picked up my "new to us" Bebe Pod.
Which is like a Bumbo chair.
Just with a different name.

Aislynn loves it. Which I'm super stoked about!
It's also a little bigger than a Bumbo, I think.
Cuz when she tried out a Bumbo at a friends house, her chubby thighs (sorry baby girl, you're kinda screwed about you leg genes, your mum AND dad have tree trunk thighs) were just a little tight in it.
This one she's even got room to grow!

Another great thing?
I checked out my Consolidation Loan status today and saw how much we've paid off this year.
It feels so good to actually see ourselves getting out of debt.
We also have a little money in the bank right now. Instead of just living paycheck to paycheck.
It's such a great feeling to see that we're getting somewhere and not drowning like we were in the city.
I mean, don't get me wrong, it's still hard on a one income household.
It's just a little less hard.
(That's what she said)

One more great thing?
Our tiny little town is starting to feel a little more like home.
I have friends. 
(Why yes, I am a dork)
I was asked to go on a playdate!
I have a serious hate on for that term by the way. Especially when it's babies. Who don't play. Let's be honest here, it's a mummy bitch date. Where we all get together, plonk our babies on the floor and we all complain of lack of sleep, sore breasts, too little milk (or too much in my case), and useless husbands. (Not mine, seriously, he's so amazing that when people complain about their men folk I just sit quietly and hope no one notices my smug grin while I remember that MY manfriend is the one who gets up at 6 when she wakes up. And does the dishes, and helps fold the laundry, and gives me kisses)
I was also asked to go to a mummy movie!
I have a few phone numbers in my cell phone that aren't family!
Ok, that's enough of me sounded pathetic.

OH, I thought of something else to share.
Which is going to make me sound hypocritical after bagging on runners.
My new friend and I. 
We walk.
A lot!
And it's going really well actually.
Having someone else there FORCES me to not just say, "Oh, it's too hot today, I'll just drive"
or, "I'm too tired, I'll just drive"
It's awesome having her MAKE me walk.
And I think I might be losing a little more weight because of it. 
I've been walking EVERYWHERE lately!
Last week it took us 15 minutes to walk to our Tuesday group.
This week it only took us 10!
So. Yeah. Look at us go.

Ok. ONE more thing that is awesome.




He's really awesome.


pippasmum said...

You make me laugh! We have the same pool problem except you are further ahead than we are - we don't have a pool, just a splashpad. Seriously, in the entire town of East Gwillimbury, we don't have a single public pool. If you want to take swim lessons with your child, the only option is the pool at a hotel on the highway. Seriously??? We pay non-residents fees and go elsewhere.
I get the whole "playdate" thing. You are so much like we were - we didn't know anyone in town and then we had kids. I love it, all of our good friends here came through the kids. It's nice.
By the way, we are going to O.S. in the middle of July and we will be driving right through your neck of the woods. Any chance we could stop by for a visit and maybe hit a park or something with the kids? I MUST meet that sweet little girl of yours :-)

pippasmum said...

Oh, and, if you have the trouble getting the weight off after the second baby, like I have, you will do ANYTHING to try and get it off and compared to the other options, running doesn't seem so bad :-)

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

I am still impressed that you ran a 5k. Not that I don't think you are able to, just that I think it's amazing that you accomplished it.
We're actually heading to the Sound today and I was hoping you would be there, but you stopping by here for a visit is just as wonderful! I can't wait to meet your baby bean, and to see lovely little girl too! Your stories about her always make me laugh.
It's weird how quickly you make friends when you have a baby, common interests I suppose.
I suppose that we'll see what happens after baby two comes (no, not announcing anything). Maybe I'll be out there running with you at 5 am.