My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Thursday, 21 March 2013

A Thursday Full Of Thanks...

Yesterday I was miserable. Mis. Er. A. Ble. I was so cranky at the man from a stupid tiff on Tuesday night that wasn't resolved to my satisfaction. (Read, I lost.) My blood stealing appointment was "cancelled" without reason after i had fasted for 12 hours. Then asked if I could come back the next day. Well, I couldn't. Aislynn is in daycare WEDNESDAYS. Not THURSDAYS. The lack of packed boxes was stressing me out to the max. And my blood pressure was high at my midwives appointment. Well. High for me. Normal for a normal person. AND, I had eaten all my mini creme eggs and I had no chocolate in the house. Which, for pregnant Sarah, means someone might die.

Anyway, bottom line? I was really cranky.

Then Thursday came along. Aislynn came into our bed in the morning and rubbed my back and kissed me. Then she let Cuinn and I have a few extra cozy sleep moments before asking for cereal. Then we drove daddy to work and then we headed to Bible study. I have to say, I was a bit reluctant to go today, being so cranky and kinda not ready to let go of my crankyness. (You know how sometimes you're just not ready to get over it yet?) Well, I went anyway. Because I had told Aislynn she would get to play with her little friend "Naley" if she would just stop whining. She stopped whining immediately. And if there is one thing I learned about parenting from my parents it's, "You always keep your promises. No matter how big or small." So off we went to Bible study.

And that's when all my crankyness went away. And I was humbled again. 

So, my Thankful Thursday post is coming pretty easily today.

I'm Thankful for...

1. Our good friend K. Who took some amazing maternity shots of me last Thursday. To see the sneak peek, go here. We can't wait to see the rest! We are so blessed to have such talented friends!

2. Our good friend K, again, who is watching Aislynn for me tonight. Cuinn has class on Tuesday's and Thursday's. Usually I just bring Aislynn along and she can play with one of her friends, R. But I just know that today she won't be ok with that. So K is coming to our rescue. Thanks again, lady friend! I owe ya one. Or seven.

3. A reconciliation with a good friend. Again, we are so blessed by the people who love us here. I'm not going to go into too much detail, but a friend and I had a thing. And Tuesday afternoon and evening we hung out and had a heart to heart and I'm so relieved to be back on track with her. It had been weighing on me for far too long.

4. Aislynn's little friend, N. Those two girls. Sigh. Her parents and Cuinn and I really will have many a story to share about them as the years go by...

5. Girls night out with our fantastic group of girls. 6 more days until the next one!

6. Cuinn had his review today at work. Basically he was told he was a rock star. Which I already knew, but it's really great for him to hear that from his boss.

7. Cuinn is also getting an unexpected bonus. Which really, could not be coming at a better time.

8. Our birthday weekend away at Niagara. It may have been a couple weeks ago, but I haven't done one of these in a while. I'm so thankful that we were able to do that for Aislynn. 

9. How well my painted onsies for the new baby turned out. Seriously, it was so nice to do something creative again.

10. The small group prayer that we did during study this morning. What a refreshing time that was. 

11. Our new pastor and his family. I have gotten to know J a little bit in the last little while and it has been such a joy! 

12. There may be snow on the ground, but the sun is shining, and I can tell that spring is just busting to get here. 

13. Our good friends J and S, who I know I have mentioned before, are watching Aislynn overnight for us tomorrow. This will probably be the last time Cuinn and I get a night to ourselves in a long time, and we are so at ease knowing that Aislynn will be loved and well looked after at the N's house.

14. Our friends M and M who have included us in their wedding guest list! I am so excited to go to a wedding with Cuinn where I am not sick!! The last two we went to together I was really sick and had a hard time enjoying myself fully. This time though, we're gonna tear up the dance floor!

15. Aislynn's vocabulary is exploding. I LOVE hearing the sentences that she comes up with. She is so funny and smart. I love listening to her babble and I love that I can finally understand most of it. 

16. When Aislynn comes over and kisses the baby and rubs my tummy and says, "Hi baby. Nice baby. See you soon!"

17. That I only have about a month left to go until we get to meet this new babe. I'm 37 weeks now, so technically full term. Aislynn was two weeks late though, so who knows. 

18. It took me an hour to do this post with all the Aislynn distractions. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

19. Aislynn is so polite. She almost always says please and always says thank you. That is so important to Cuinn and I and it's so rewarding hearing her say those words. 

20. Hugs in the kitchen with Cuinn. That's one of my favorite part of the day.


Jenn N said...

I want to see video of you tearing up the dance floor, 37 weeks pregnant. Cause that will make me laugh for a good week!

I am once again thankful for your fish at the bottom of your blog. I like to feed them. It's relaxing.

Jade Steckly said...

What a GREAT post!! You have so many things to be thankful for this week...and I can't wait to "meet" your new little baby :)
I'm sorry about the crankiness though...I know ALL about that!

Jade Steckly said...

Also, those maternity shots are amazing! The one of you in front of the window is just breathtaking! Ok, now that I've used up all of the exclamation points in the whole world, I'll leave you alone :) I wish we lived closer though so we could have coffee one day...I think we have lots in common and would be good friends!

pippasmum said...

You make me laugh... you always hit on things that I feel but am not always even aware of. I definitely have those times when I'm cranky and I don't want to let go of it... it's satisfying in a weird sort of way.
Good luck over the next few weeks. Pamper yourself now and then, give yourself a break when the new little one arrives. It can be a bit crazy adjusting to two but if A is like P was, and I think she is, she'll be an amazing big sister and take to it like she was always someone's mentor. And the memories and joy of watching two become friends is worth every little bit of stress.
Love you guys!