My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

A Feeling...

You know those songs that make you feel. Like... feel a lot. Those songs that come on that you almost need to pull over to the side of the road when you're driving. Just so you can sit and listen and not worry about crashing the car or something silly like that?

Yeah, I love those songs.

Mumford & Sons has a lot of these songs for me. In fact, pretty much all their songs do this to me. Cuinn and I just picked up their most recent album for the car. Aislynn even loves them, as soon as this song comes on, she sways and hums and her eyes are half closed. To be honest, she looks a little high.... which is hilarious.

I also love that they are featured in the only Disney movie of Aislynn's that I don't mind watching over and over and over again. Brave

Anyway, I really needed to share this song with you, as it has been on repeat in my car for a while. I don't like the video so much. I would rather the music video, but I am kind of a newb at YouTube. I can never find exactly what I want. SO just pretend it's not just the lyrics and just listen to the song.

At 3:30, that's when I get chills. I close my eyes, and just let the music envelop me.

Sorry, I'm also not clear on how to put the actual video on my blog. I told you, I'm kind of a YouTube newb.


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Emily Kazmierski said...

It's a lovely song.

As for embedding videos, go to the video you want on Youtube. Next to "About" you will see "Share".

Click on that. Next, click on "Embed". Copy the code and paste it into your post.

Viola! :)