My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Thursday, 7 March 2013

A Moment In Time...

This little girl, my little angel, is turning 2 this Saturday.

For 2 years (and nearly 10 months), I have loved this little girl. I have worried for her. I have watched her grow. I have been so proud. I have been so frustrated. I have seen so much of me in her and so much of her daddy too. I have seen her big personality shine through.

Cuinn and I prayed for her before she was created. We longed to be parents. There were many tears shed by me because I wanted her so badly. God knew what he was doing though. Giving us a little lesson in patience, knowing that we would need a healthy dose of it when we became parents. 

Aislynn is so loving. She is funny. She is smart. She is fiesty. She is independant. She is beautiful. She loves to tell us what she sees. She loves to watch Cuinn and I while we have a conversation and get right in the middle of a hug so she can be included too. She goes to bed with 6 different dollies and stuffies and mummy and daddy need to kiss and hug each and every one good night. She likes to cuddle right before she goes to sleep and loves to hear about the things we did that day. 

She loves her friends fiercly, and says hello to them when we drive past their homes. She loves to make new friends, especially little babies. When she sees a baby on it's tummy, she gets right down on the floor and says, "hi baby!" and gives it a hug. She is going to be such an amazing big sister.

She eats more than anyone else in this house. Well, maybe not more than daddy. She likes to help daddy make pancakes. She likes to stir the pot when mummy is cooking. She knows that the oven is hot and warns us not to touch it. 

Aislynn like to read books with mummy and sometimes we go through 6 books in one sitting! Her favorite book is a Curious George pop up book. She loves to play with dinosaurs and makes the RAWR noise that they make. She loves it when daddy turns the music on and dances with her. She even likes to "head bang" to daddy's favorite type of music. 

Aislynn always says, "My daddy!" and "My mummy!" She even sometimes calls us Cuinn and Sarah. She kisses my belly and says, "My baby." She claims us. Just as we claim her. She is a child so full of love and joy and emotion. Sometimes those emotions come right out of her eyes because they are really hard to deal with. Aislynn loves to be with people, but she also really values her own space and sometimes just needs to be by herself. She likes to sit in the bathroom cupboard with the door closed to have a little think. Or sit on the window ledge and watch the cars and trucks go by. But she always makes sure that "my mumma" is still near enough to come if she needs me.

Aislynn is such a joy to Cuinn and I. Motherhood is not at all what I was expecting. It is so much more. I love the little person that she is and I am honored to be her mummy.

Happy birthday, my darling girl. You are special. You are precious. You are loved.

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Krysta said...

Aww..2 already! And soon you get to do it all over again! :) Happy birthday to your sweet girl!