My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

An Overwhelming Thanks...


I got a big response from my last post, and thankfully, it was all positive! I got 3 comments on the actual blog, 5 emails and 3 private messages on facebook about it. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and stories and love.

Right now, I have a sick husband who is being quarantined, because this sickness will not stay in this house any longer. Mumma says so. 

I have a nearly 1 year old (I have a post about that, but I'm saving it for until she's for real 1) who is sitting, every so nicely, drinking from her cup, watching Baby Einstein, because I know I can get a solid 20 minutes to myself. And having a very sick man in the house (which is basically like another child at times.), I really need this 20 minutes.

I made a most fabulous dinner tonight. Seriously. It was amazing. Alas, it was wasted on just me, Cuinn is too sick and refuses to eat, Aislynn doesn't like pork (unless it's pulled, and on a bun), so my delicious dinner was just for me. While Cuinn sat and pouted in the tub, Aislynn sat and pouted in her high chair because I refused to make her pasta (for the 4th day in a row I might add) again and just kept offering her the dinner I made. (I am not a short line cook.) I sat, enjoying my dinner, pretending I was far away. Eating dinner all by myself, in a room that did not have three loads of laundry needing to be folded, didn't have a children's cd playing incessantly in the back ground, didn't have a sick husband to care for and didn't desperately need to be vacuumed.

Then the realization hit.

Even if I was in that room, I would probably be wishing to be in my messy, loud, love filled home.

I love it here.


Ashley said...

What did you have for dinner! You should have called me and I would have enjoyed it with you :)

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

Pork chops, rice and steamed veggies. Sounds basic, but it was all soooo tasty. Oh, and the Epicure steamy? Awesome!

Carole said...

Good blog. You might enjoy this little poem about mothers.

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

Thanks for reading Carole!

I enjoyed the little mother poem. I've saved it for another time. :)