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My Inspiration

Friday, 17 February 2012

A 17 Day Sabbatical...

So, the last time I blogged was 17 days ago.


How could I be so remiss as to ignore my lovely, faithful readers for so long?

Well, I was in England.

That's my excuse and I'm stickin' to it.

But I'm home now, and my friends keep bugging me to blog again, so here I am.

I have to be honest, I totally missed blogging. Something I never thought I would say, but there ya go.

So, I went on vacation. And it was amazing. Seriously. It was so awesome to get away with my fam jam to see my mum and pops. It was so fantastic to see another country with my best friend (who just happens to be my hubs). It was so great to knock a couple things of my bucket list.

And then add a few more things to my bucket list...

I can't even begin to tell you everything we saw and did because, seriously, we saw way more than the average tourist. Even with an 11 month old baby. So I'll just give ya the highlights.

Without pictures though, because I am still trying to sort through all 914 of them. That was a total lie, I couldn't help but post a 900 of the pics on here.

Just kidding.


What? I'm kind of a picture-a-holic.

High light number 1: Seeing my parents again. Obviously.

This picture was the only picture of all of us together, and it's at the airport saying goodbye. Sad. Anyway. It was so awesome to see them again. I have really been missing them, and it was so nice to just BE with my parents again. Although, it has made coming home without them that much harder. 1 and a half more years until they come home!

Highlight 2: Aislynn bonding with my parents. 

This is two fold. I am very close to my parents, so it stands to reason that our children are going to have a close relationship with her grandparents. The other part of it is that I was never near my grandparents, so it has been a different type of relationship. I'm looking forward to seeing the relationship between Aislynn and her grandparents blossom and grow as she gets older. 

Highlight 3: Aislynn getting to see her extended family on her momma's side. AKA, my family...

My mum's mum and her sister's family

My dad's parents and sister

I was so happy Aislynn got to meet her family on my side. This meant a lot to me and my mum and dad. 

Highlight 4: A super fun and super fabulous vacation with my fam jam

Cuinn works so hard for his girls, and it meant so much to us that we were able to get away together and relax. I wouldn't like to go anywhere with anyone else more. PLUS, it was so exciting that Cuinn got to go to another country!

Highlight whatever number I'm at, I've lost count, but my dad can count to a billion: Getting to knock two big things off my bucketlist! 

Cirque Du Soleil was a dream come true. I have almost gone 4 different times. One of those times I even had bought the tickets and then had to sell them to someone else. Each time something came up and I wasn't able to go. This time, I couldn't even get excited about going because I was sure I wasn't going to make it. Maybe Aislynn would get sick? Maybe we would be too late because of London's infamous trains and how they stop all the time? Maybe the show would be cancelled? Well, the train did stop, and we were basically running to get to the show, but I made it. And I can't even talk about how amazing it was. I was blown away by how good it was. I had thought, surely it wouldn't live up to my imagination and dreams, but it did. And more so. I was so moved by the production, the theater, the costumes, everything. It was more than I could ever have asked for. 

Shakespeare's Globe Theater. Again, this was so much more than I could have imagine too. I walked in and my breath was literally taken away with the beauty and majestic-isity (it's a word...shut up) of it. I was on cloud 9. The tour guide was so amazing too, which was a huge bonus for my mum. She's not into theatery stuff like my dad and I are so to have a tour guide who made it interesting for my mum was really great. My vacation was made complete by having seen Cirque and the Globe Theater.

Highlight number-i-should-go-back-and-see-what-number-but-I-can't-be-bothered - Seeing so much of London!

Big Ben 

 London Eye


Tower Bridge 

 Buckingham Palace

10 Downing St. (Where the PM lives)

Highlight number Aislynn: All the different ways Aislynn got to travel!

About to leave for England! 

On the plane to go to Scotland

On the train in Scotland

Her favorite ride

On the big bus tour

Coming home.

And finally one last highlight - A day just for Aislynn.

We went to this really cool indoor playground thing and Aislynn had so much fun! I was so happy to be able to do a fun day for her. Before I had kids I always felt sorry for parents who had to go to these lame places for their kids. I thought they must be bored to tears and so embarrassed to be climbing up those things, looking totally ungraceful and awkward and too big to be in a space that small. Now I know better. I think Cuinn and I had just as much, if not more, fun than her. It was hilarious watching her get so excited to crawl in so many different places, and jump in the ball pit, and ride that little horsey thing. Taking Aislynn to places isn't something we have to do. It's something we get to do. I totally understand that now.

Anyway, that was a few of the highlights of our trip. As you can see, we had a ball. If you can make it to England, you need to go. It was such a good trip and the memories we took home with us are memories that we'll cherish forever.

But, for now, back to our regular scheduled program. 


Andrea said...

I really love the last part about not having to do these things for our children we get to. I used think the same thing about being a mom. Now I love using Soph as an excuse to be totally insane. Its almost a privilege and its hard not to enjoy it when you see how happy it makes them.

Great blog, it looks like you had a blast!

FionaB said...

It was lovely to meet my great-niece for for the first time - she's a real character! I know your Nana and Grandad enjoyed having you both stay, even though it was just one night.