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My Inspiration

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A Tuesday Ten Link Up Party...

Well, it's Tuesday. You know what that means? 

A Linky upper party! Woot woot!

I have never had as busy a Christmas as I have this year and I have about a billion things going on in my mind that when I am spending time with people I'm kind of a mess and having a hard time talking to them and being normal.

I just spent some vegging/tv time with my good friend A at her place and was really enjoying myself. Until my inquisitive Aislynn dumped half a mug of hot chocolate all over herself and A's beautiful wood floors. Color me super embarassed. Basically I got Aislynn changed, tried to help clean up the mess and ran outta there with my tail between my legs. Nothing like a kid making a huge mess to embarass you out of hanging out with someone.

Anyway, I'm so scattered and all over the place, it's making me even more forgetful than usual. Which is saying something. So today's Ten is pretty simple.

Ten Things I Need To Remember This Week!!

1. Saturday, Simon, Amanda and Aidan are coming over around 5ish or 6 for dinner and then to watch Aislynn while Cuinn and I go to his staff party. Tidy the house, get the air mattress out, find some clean sheets.

2. Cuinn's staff party on Saturday, need to get a Secret Santa gift. $10-20. Find the Secret Santa list and make sure it's all organized. Call restaurant, switch reservation from 930 to 9. Get skirt from C by Thursday to make sure it fits and goes with outfit.

3. Call A's hairdresser to see if she can fit me in sometime. My hair is a gong show and I would like to have it done before I go to England.

4. Get the lawyer to write up the letter for me saying that Cuinn knows and allows me to take Aislynn overseas. Make sure that it is all ready and notorized in time.

5. Get Simon, Amanda and Aidan's gift and Cuinn's family's Secret Santa gift.

6. Get the house organized for Cuinn's parents visit. I.E. clean sheets for our bed for them, make sure our bedroom is ready for them to stay in, move furniture around to fit the air mattress for Cuinn and I, find the leaf for the table so we can eat meals together, write up menu plan for 5 people instead of 3, figure out schedules and things.

7. Hide P and A's gift somewhere before they get here on the 14th.

8. Call dr in the city who, hopefully, has Aislynn's old test results for genetic testing and see if they can fax it to Sick Kids so they have it on file for when we go on Friday for our appointment.

9. Give A her Christmas gift and the outfit back that we had to borrow today. And apologize profusely, again, for the hot chocolate accident. 

10. See if C and A are willing to change the baking day (again) from Friday to maybe a day next week? Or if they want to do the baking in the afternoon so that I can hopefully make it there after our appointment in the city.

11. Wednesday = day off from EVERYTHING to refocus on Aislynn and what is really important in this busy season. 

12. Pick up center piece from church on Thursday. DO NOT FORGET!!!

Oh dear, I seemed to have gone past just 10, and to be honest, I could still keep going.

How do you keep from going crazy at Christmas time? When do you make time for family? What kind of schedules do you keep?

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Which is obviously mine. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

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