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My Inspiration

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A Girls Night Out...

The week before Christmas, a few girl friends and I had a baking day. I hosted it at my place at it was a smash.

See? This is how much of a smash it was!!

That's my friend A. She's super cool. So cool in fact, that she blogs too. Read all about her adventures in the kitchen here

That's my other super cool friend. Her name is C. She also blogs, go read about her adventures as a G mom and a librarian in a tiny town here

This is my newish friend K. She lives upstairs in my mansion. AKA the apartment building a live in. BUT, if we leave our babies in her apartment and she comes to my apartment with the baby monitor, it's kinda like we live in a mansion...right? Anyway, K is cool and all, but not cool enough to blog. So read all about her blog here. Except there's no link. Cause she doesn't blog. (Get the hint K? It's time to start a blog lady friend.) A little info about my friend K. She lives in my mansion. Her man friend plays video games like my man friend. She has a super awesome baby. She is super awesome. She's my friend. That's all ya need to know. Now, if she had her own blog you could find out more buuut.....

The besties. That's my babe and C's babe. They are honestly best friends. Seriously. When Aislynn and I pull up to their house, Aislynn gets all excited because she totally knows that she's getting to see her bestie. They love each other. They are also 2 weeks apart. Which is awesome.

Making some balls. 

Probably laughing at one of the hilarious "that's what she said..." moments. We are so grown up.

The two boy besties.

That baking day was such a smash that we ladies just didn't want it to end. So we decided to get all dolled up and head on out for dinner WITHOUT BABIES!! Oh my goodness, it was so exciting to be out with the girls with no babies.

Obviously all the servers were totally into the holiday spirit. Ours was the most...umm...spirited? And I snapped his pic. But I forgot to tell him he was going on my blog. Oh well, maybe one day he will stumble upon it and be honored that he was featured.

Or creeped out is another thing he might feel...

My amazing drink. I don't remember what it was called, but it was sooooooo amazing.

My amazing food, which was too spicy. Seriously, after being pregnant, I have lost all my awesome taste buds. I miss eating spicy food. 

Yay girls night!

That's J. She also doesn't have a blog. Loser. So here is a bit about J. She is married to another J. A man though. She is currently preggo with her second. Which is super exciting. She's a teacher. And she's really good at it. How do I know? She taught me how to crochet. And I'm a super awesome crocheter...or hooker...whatever you wanna call it. She's pretty awesome, and should start a blog so I can link it up.

There was also a group picture. But I haven't edited it yet to not have me in it. So you will all have to just deal with it that you can't see us all in one picture together.


Also, all these wonderful friends of mine told me that if I didn't start blogging again than they would stop following my blogs.

Stupid friends.

For reals though, I had a blast. Since moving to this tiny town I really feel like I'm a part of something. I feel like I am a wanted part of a group of people. I always have someone to call, or someone to hang out with. I am never alone. But not in a bad way. In a comforting, this is awesome that so many people think I'm cool, kinda way.

This group of girls is pretty kick ass, and we've decided that it's going to be a monthly thing. This girls night thing. In fact, this Friday a few of us are doing shopping and lunch. Yay girly days.

Seriously, if 5 years ago me met today's me, I'm pretty sure she would be confused.

But it's cool. I'm happy.

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Ashley said...

You should put a group shot in!! You were also involved in the fun!! :)