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My Inspiration

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A Tuesday Ten...

I follow Lena's blog and always see the Tuesday Ten lists. I like them and all, but I'm never really struck with the overwhelming urge to join in.

Until today.

 Because today is what ten things would you buy if you won the lottery. Cuinn and I play this game daily. Seriously. We are so sure that we'll be rich one day that we don't what what if we become rich, it's when we become rich.


Anyway, I'm linking up with Lena. Head over and see what other millionaires would buy.

First 10 Things You Would BUY or DO if you won the lottery!

1. I would buy us our dream home. Nothing fancy, just a 3 bedroom down in the heart of our tiny town. I know exactly which home too. I would offer the current owners quite the compensation for moving out. Even if it wasn't for sale. That house will be my home someday. (I am very particular about which house we will buy. Which means we might never be able to buy a home.)

2. I'd pay off all our debts. Which doesn't really amount to that much, considering, but it's still an amount that is more than $0. All our debts would read $0. And it would feel amazing.

3. Set up two college funds for the kids. Not a lot, but some. It would be not a lot because I want my kids to earn it and appreciate it instead of it just being handed to them. Build some character, y'know?

4. Buy each parent (Cuinn's and mine) one thing that they would love. Something totally frivolous and impractical. I'd probably buy my dad a TARDIS. My mum a mini. Really though, whatever they chose.

5.  Yarn. Lots and lots of yarn for all my crochet projects.

6. A personal shopper. Not for clothes. But for groceries. I would still coupon though.

7. I'd open a B&B with my mum.

8. In our home, in the basement, I would make half of it a man cave for Cuinn, and half of it a crafting room for me. I would also hire an exterminator to check for any kind of bug every 6 weeks.

9. I would keep enough money to live off of for as long as Cuinn needed to get more education for his passion. First we would have to figure out what his passion is though.

10. Lastly, I would set up a travel account. So Cuinn and I could go travel together. The kids could come sometimes, but mostly it would just be Cuinn and I. Sorry kids, we like you and all, buuut....



Emily Kazmierski said...

This was a great list, so I had to write one too! :)

Amanda Cobb said...

Love this list! #10 made me laugh. :) (but I would say the same thing if I had kids)

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

Amanda, thanks for stopping by!

I really do adore my daughter, but sometimes a trip away with just the hubs sounds like heaven. Ha ha.

Jo said...

I like that you would buy something frivolous and impractical for the parents ... that's cool

Colin said...

There's NOTHING frivolous OR impractical about a Tardis.

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

OK OK, Sorry dad! I would buy you an extremely important piece of equipment like a TARDIS. That better? :D