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My Inspiration

Friday, 19 October 2012

A few weird fears...

Do you have a weird fear or phobia? Or something that you HAVE to do or your day is rotten? Like putting your left sock on first? I have a few. Like, really weird. So weird I feel silly telling people, but since I'm so into the lists lately, and I'm wanting to blog but I don't really have much to blog about right now, this is easier. Wow, that was a really long sentence. 

Also, I want to make this a linky linky thing but I don't know how. So. If you feel like joining in on the madness, you are more than welcome. Please just tell people to come see my blog too though. Then we can all share the weird fear love!

So, here's a few of my weird things.

I was standing in the kitchen, staring at the apple juice in the fridge, trying to remember if I bought it last grocery trip or the grocery trip before last. Most people would just open it up and smell to see if it's gone bad or not, right? Not me. I am absolutely terrified of rotten food/drink. Seriously. I rarely eat yogurt because I can't tell if it's gone bad or not and so I just assume it is bad and I can't eat it. Cuinn is no help in this matter. Even if food has gone bad, he'll still eat it. So when I ask him, "Are these crackers bad?" he will eat one and after the first chew he says, "it's fine." Yes, this is a real scenario that happened. Crackers. I was so scared that the crackers had gone bad that I wouldn't even eat one to check first. This fear is so bad that if I think something has gone bad I will just leave it in the fridge because I am to terrified to touch it. Cuinn has to clean out the fridge because I'm so scared of yucky food. Even if it's not yucky! In my head I know that an expiration date isn't set in stone and you usually have a few extra days, but if something is about to go bad, I won't touch it. For example. If the expiry date is January 7th, I will not touch it after January 1st. In fear that it might have gone bad early. You know what, I could probably write a whole post on my weird fear of rotten food. Maybe another day.

If I haven't worn a pair of shoes in a long time, I have to check to see if there are spiders in the toes. Yes. Spiders. I even have to make Cuinn reach his hand into the shoe/boot/slipper to see if there are any spiders hidden that I wasn't able to get out when I banged the shoe on the floor. By the way, by long time I mean if I haven't worn them in a week. This is the same with pants. And shirts. And sweaters. Really anything I wear that I have to put a body part in blindly.

Before going to bed, I have to turn my pillow over twice, punch it once, pull the covers up to my ears, sigh and then sink into the mattress. After that, I stick my right leg out from under the covers and go to sleep. Every. Single. Night. Oh, and if the bed is made, I have to mess up the blankets. I dunno.

When I get out of the shower I dry my entire body BEFORE drying my hair. So, I'm trying to towel myself off while my wet soaking hair is dripping all over myself, thus getting more wet. Basically I dry myself, dry my hair, then dry myself again. What a waste of time.

I always put my shirt on first, walk around the house, eat breaky, help Aislynn get dressed, get everything ready to go, then I put my pants on. 

Before I can sit down to eat dinner I pee. Doesn't fail. And if I don't pee, after like, 3 bites I have to go pee. It's been like this forever. Ask my mum. I ALWAYS used to get in trouble for leaving the table during dinner to go pee.

Whenever I need to have a think I start picking at my lips. It drives Cuinn insane. I go through so many tubes of Burt's Bee's chapstick because my lips are ALWAYS chapped because I pick at them and tear the skin off. It's so gross, but I can't stop.

I drive a stick, when you drive a stick you should always put your car into first when you park it. I don't really know why, but my dad told me to, so I do. BUT, every time I get into the car I put the car in neutral, release the handbrake THEN turn the car on and put it right back into first (Or reverse, depending on which way I'm going). Why do I do that? I do that EVERY SINGLE TIME. Without fail. What's up with that? I NEVER check my mirrors though. I will be driving along, then I want to look at Aislynn and realize that my rearview mirror is set for Cuinn so I have to reset it, while I'm driving. I've got weird driving habits.

I won't touch raw meat. Ever. We always buy the BIG packages of meat that need to be portioned down into zip lock baggies and thrown in the freezer. I will go to the grocery store, buy all my meat, put it in the fridge until Cuinn comes home to portion it for me. Then, when I'm cooking, Cuinn has to cut it all up for me. 

I can't drink soda without ice. A&W is the last place on earth that I would ever go to eat because they don't serve ice with their drinks. Which is gross. I need my drinks to be ice cold. I even like ice in my chocolate milk, but I don't do it, because Cuinn makes fun of me for it.

I'm sure I have other weirdo things, but this is all for now. You can all take a look at my list and laugh, but you just remember. You do weirdo things too!


pippasmum said...

I'm with you on the food phobia thing. I've thrown meat out so many times because it "smelled funny" (doesn't all raw meat smell funny), I would NEVER eat anything past its expiry date, I'm super paranoid about earwigs, I won't eat any meat off the bone, especially chicken (DH has to pick it off the bone for me, bones totally gross me out), I sterilize everything around when I've had raw poultry in the kitchen and I overcook all meat because I am so paranoid about it being undercooked (although I have learned to appreciate pink steak). I don't like my foods touching if I can avoid it (and it used to drive my parents crazy that everything needed to be in neat little sections like a frozen dinner). There, now you know how neurotic I am!

Jenn N said...

Oh man. My list would be so long it would take me a year to write it all out. I do the same thing with the spiders in the shoes.

One funny one for me is the colour of my Flintstone's vitamins in the morning. Since they are kids ones, I take two. I will randomly shake out two and if they are the same colour, I have to put them in and try again. I prefer pink and orange and think if I get that combo my day will be a happy one. I don't mind pink and purple, but when I get orange and purple I think I'll have to work hard to have a happy day, cause the colours were wrong! So silly.