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My Inspiration

Thursday, 15 March 2012

A year of love...

I know this is a bit late, but we've been so busy celebrating and enjoying our one year old that I haven't had a moment to reflect. I'm here now though.

Dear Aislynn,

1 whole year has gone by since you came into our lives. One whole year has gone by since we became three. One whole year has gone by and we've all grown so much. Daddy and I waited so long for you. We prayed for you, we cried that you weren't coming in our timeline, we learned patience. When we found out that we were going to be blessed with a sweet little bundle of love we couldn't wait to meet you. Although, we were scared. Daddy and I can admit that. This was new territory. A new human was coming and it was our job to look after you. We'd never done that, and we were so afraid that we wouldn't know what to do.

Then you came. On a day that Daddy says, God moved heaven and earth to get you here. We had a snowstorm, we had thunder and lightening, we had the brightest sunshine we'd seen in a while, we had hail and we had a lot of wind. All in one day. God was preparing the world for something big. And then you entered our lives and forever changed us. 10 lbs that we would never want to lose.

Over the last year you have shown us what real love is. You have reminded us to slow down, and enjoy all the little things. You've kept us on our feet, since you've been on the move since you were 6 months old!

We love your energy. We love that you are one of the busiest babies we know. You get into everything. You love to climb, you love to bulldoze through and over people, instead of going around (Which, has earned you the nickname bulldozer). The only time you are still is when we're feeding you. You love to try new foods, which has made Mommy try new foods (Thank you, for that.). You love to listen to music, and show us your awesome dance skills. Dance parties are a regular occurrence in our house. You love to make music. With your little piano, your guitar, your tambourine, your trumpet, Mommy's pots, anything you can find to bang together. Mommy loves listening to your songs during the day, which most other people just think is screaming. I know the difference. I know you're just trying to sing me a song. And I love it. You love to play and kiss the other babies, which makes Daddy very nervous, and melts Mommy's heart. That makes Mommy think you wouldn't be so opposed to a little brother or sister. Although we are so loving our special time with you. We love the kisses you give us too! Even if it's you opening you mouth as wide as you can and sticking your tongue out. We'll work on that.

Although this is a time to reflect on a year of you, this is also a time to reflect on how much Mommy and Daddy have grown. When we found out that you were joining our lives, we had also found out that Poppa and Grandma were leaving for England for 3 years. That made Mommy so sad. Because she really loves and misses your Grandma and Poppa. It also made Daddy sad, because he knows how hard it is to be away from your Grandma and Grandpa Simpson and your Aunt and Uncles on the west coast. Luckily we have your Uncle Simon here, but he is still far away. Mommy and Daddy weren't prepared to do this alone. There was a fear and loneliness, knowing that your grandparents would miss out on so much. But, over this year, your Mommy and Daddy have been grown and stretched and been tested in so many ways and we have become better parents and partners because of it. We moved you away from a toxic environment and started a new life in our tiny town where we knew no one. This was scary too, but we have made so many good friends. So many friends that we know we'll love and know forever. This was the best decision we could have made, and this was a decision made for you, baby girl. Mommy and Daddy are so happy and proud of the little girl we are raising. You have changed our lives and we are forever grateful for you.

Mommy and Daddy have many dreams for you. Some are really big ones, like how someday you will be running the country  world Universe. Some of the dreams are little, like how we would love to have you down to one big nap a day, instead of two little ones. Watching you grow, and change, and become your own little person is such a joy to us. Never stop loving. Never lose your energy. Never let anyone bring you down.

Always remember, that your Mommy and Daddy love you. More than anything in the entire universe. We are always here for you and with you.

Mommy and Daddy


Ashley said...

You and Cuinn are such great parents!! You have raised a beautiful, smart, perfect little girl. I am so glad you moved here so we could be apart of your lives, and you could be apart of ours. <3

pippasmum said...

I love this post! I know how full your heart can be and how hard it is to put it all down in writing. You are wonderful parents (which I don't think is a surprise to anyone who knows you!) and your little girl is a testament to that. Happy birthday, sweet girl! We are looking forward to watching you grow.

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

Thanks ladies! I'm so glad you are both a part of our baby girls life. How special she is to have such great people in her world. :)