My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Monday, 9 January 2012

A few random thoughts...

Sometimes I kinda forget to blog.


I have all these really awesome things to blog about, but I have been totally slacking in the blogging department.

Can I blame it on the fact that I am gearing up to go to England in 2 days?

Umm...not really....because I'm still not packed.

In fact, I'm only blogging because I am procrastinating packing. 

I hate packing so much. For real.

So, instead of packing, here are some random things going on in my mind.

1. Just had another girls night with the girls. (get it? girls night...with the girls? Because it's a night full of girlyness) It was awesome. I am seriously in love with my new group of friends. They are awesome and we had a night full of awesome. Y'know the times, where ya all sit around and pretty much laugh the whole time? Seriously, if I knew hanging out with girls was so much fun, I would have made more girlfriends when I was in high school.

2. I think I am getting sick. Which is so not cool. So, after I write this blog, I am going to go to sleep. Not pack. Go to sleep. I ca not be sick before I get on a plane to see my parents. It's just not going to happen.

3. Even though I really enjoy having a night with the girls, I really miss Aislynn. And I was actually disappointed when she was already asleep when I came home.

4. I hate banks. Seriously. You tell them the same darn thing a hundred times and they don't DO it for about a million years. CIBC, I'm lookin' at you!

5. Cuinn is hot.

That's all for tonight. I'm off to crunch on some vitamin C, curl up in bed, and read my KOBO. Much love to all my favorite readers.

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