My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Friday, 6 January 2012

A date...

I have the greatest job ever.

In fact, it's so awesome, I kind forget it's a job.

Until my boss lady hands me over the cash.

Which is kinda cool, because then I buy cool things.



Back to my point.

I babysit for an awesome lady, K, and I think her kids are awesome. 

For Christmas this year, they bought Aislynn a very cute outfit (all purple. They may have noticed I have a purple addiction), and they gave Cuinn and I the best, most thoughtful, most awesome gift ever.

A date night.

They gave us a gift card to the (yes...the) fancy restaurant in our tiny town, AND they babysat Aislynn for the evening.

Cuinn and I haven't had a date date in...



let's just say, the last time we had a date, without Aislynn, I might have been pregnant...


We have had our date planned for about a month, and the day finally came. So we got all gussied up and this is how we looked!


Dress - Costa Blanca
Shrug - Old Navy
Shoes - Aldo (which you can see here, but they look smokin)
Necklace and Earrings - Ardene

We went to the fancy restaurant and we had such a good time.

Seriously, from now on, I am giving babysitting nights for Christmas presents. It was so nice to be out with Cuinn, all by myself.

Thank you K, you're awesome. 


Emily said...

What a sweet gift! I'm going to keep that idea tucked away for later use myself.

pippasmum said...

I am so thrilled for you!!! We haven't done that since before the little man was born. Kinda sad!

pippasmum said...

p.s., You looked great!

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

Emily, seriously, as a mom whose family is all thousands of miles away, it was such a sweet and thoughtful gift. It meant so much for the hubs and I to be able to go out together. Definitely use this idea on your mommy friends!!!

Sarah, I wish I lived closer so that I could gift you with this idea! Also, thanks. I was so excited to put a dress on without having to think, "Will I be upset if Aislynn spits/rubs food into/throws up on this? Can I breastfeed in this?"
Seriously, I got to choose clothes based on prettyness, not functionality. lol