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My Inspiration

Friday, 14 June 2013

A thankful Thursday...

So, it's been a while guys. 

I missed you.

But I really have a valid excuse this time

This gorgeous girl has been keeping me occupied!

I'd like you all to meet Lorelei Rayne Simpson. Born April 17 at 6:35 pm. 9 lbs 14 oz and 21.5 inches long. She has a big, beautiful head that is covered in hair. She's so stylish that it's naturally that new ombré look! I am so wonderfully smitten with my new baby girl.

So without further aideu, here is a Thankful Thursday post. Finally. I'm back. 

1. For friends who brought us food and flowers and gifts and hugs and visited me in the hospital and looked after Aislynn while I was in labor and have since taken her for walks or to the park or out for dinner so that I could get a bit of a break. Seriously. My friends. You are amazing. I love you all.

2. My family. Who sent flowers across an ocean, who came to visit from two provinces away, who love Lorelei as much as Cuinn and I do.

3. My Aislynn. My helper. The big sister. Lorelei's protector. I love that girl. And I love how much she loves her sister. It makes things so much easier having her love her sister. 

4. My Cuinn. My best friend. My partner. My husband. The father to my two gorgeous children. You've been such a rock star during this transition from a family of three to a family of four. I love ya, dude.

5. This wrap. Seriously. I have used this wrap more times with Lorelei in 2 months than I think I did in the whole time Aislynn used it. Aislynn liked it, but Lorelei LOVES it. She's pretty much in it 12 hours a day... 

6. Our church had their annual women's retreat a couple weeks ago. It was so amazing. I took Lorelei with me and she was always in somebody's arms. Plus, it's always wonderful getting to know women in your church who you might not talk to on a Sunday morning. Awesome. 

7. At said retreat, we made necklaces out of a washer and scrapbook paper. I made one for me and one for Aislynn. She has yet to take it off and gets mad if I'm not wearing mine too. She also pulls it out a few times a day and says, "matching mumma!" That always fills me with joy. 

8. Cuinn had a huge answer to prayer this morning. I'm not able to go into details right now, but suffice to say; God is good. All the time.

9. I know other people will have my head for this, but I am so glad the weather is not hot. I hate summer. Every year I dread the heat. Well this year? I'm still wearing pants. In June. I am ever so grateful for that. 

10. Not being pregnant anymore. Seriously. I did NOT enjoy this pregnancy, so I am so thankful it's over.

11. This apple/pear/rhubarb crisp. Best recipe I have made ever. Cuinn and I were shoveling it in like there was no tomorrow (or more fittingly, like there was no baby weight to lose)

12. Impromptu girls night. Only three of us could make it, but it ended up being one of the best nights out in a really long time. 

13. My seasons pass to the Elmvale Zoo. It's just a tiny little zoo about 40 minutes away, but Aislynn LOVES it. We even can feed giraffes and goats and monkeys and lemurs. It is such a great little zoo. Perfect size for a morning out with a two year old and a two month old. 

14. The stupid awesome double stroller that my friend K gave me. For free. I was so against getting one. But she offered it to us, and you can't say no to a free stroller. Well, let me tell you. I have been humbled and I love the double stroller. We'll pretty much only use it for days out to big places, but it's really fantastic that Aislynn can jump in and out when she's tired. And Lorelei fits nicely in her car seat in it. Well, when she's not in the wrap that is...

15. Back rubs. Cuinn, I'm looking at you sweets.

16. Parking on the street. We have a parking spot in our lot, but I really hate going up stairs to go down stairs (it's a weird set up), so I just park in the street and go in the door and I'm in my apartment. I might be annoying people, but hey, I've got two kids to lug in with 8 bags of groceries. I park where I want to park. 

17. BLT hot dip. Enough said.

18. Our tiny town now has a yarn store!  Store dedicated to just yarn! I can not tell you how pleased this makes me.

19. Getting $50 worth of kids books. For free. I traded in a whole shwack of my books a few months ago to a local book shop in town. She gave me quite a good deal on them and I have been using my credit slowly but surely over the last few months. Today, Aislynn and I went in and I let Aislynn pick as many books as she wanted (knowing that I still had about $140 worth of credit). She was in heaven. And we read all the books before bed tonight. All 9 of them. That kid. 

20. That Aislynn has my love of the written word. That means so much to me. Love it.

That's it for tonight. What are you thankful for? 


Jenn N said...

I am thankful for the fishes I get to feed when I come to your blog.

Krysta said...

Yay! You are back!! :) I've missed your blog posts!
PS... which wrap is that? Haha.

Jade Steckly said...

congratulations, she's beautiful!!

Emily Kazmierski said...

Welcome to the world Lorelei!