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My Inspiration

Sunday, 14 April 2013

A Point Or Two...

I am cranky.

I am tired.

I feel guilty for not blogging lately.

I am still pregnant. So here is my update on my life.

~ Yes. Still pregnant. My due date was April 9th, it is now nearly April 15th (in 58 minutes it will be), and I am still pregnant. 

~ It was our churches men's retreat this weekend. I kept telling Cuinn to "just go already!" because I knew he wanted to. And I knew the only reason he didn't go was because I might have gone into labor. I also knew that if he didn't go, by Murphy's Law, I would not go into labor. But if he had, this baby woulda come out in half an hour. I'm only slightly bitter that he remained at home...

~ I love cereal. A lot. Seriously. I have been going through 2 boxes a week during the last 10 months. Cereal, I love you.

~ One of my friends, who was due a week after me, had her baby on MY due date. Lisa, I hate you.

~ I don't really hate Lisa. I'm really happy for her. Her daughter is adorable and I am so excited to meet her. Congratulations again lady.

~ If any more of my friends have their kids before me though? I might go on a rampage. I really can't control what happens...

~ Hidetoshi Imura is friends with me on Facebook. He often "likes" my posts. You have NO idea how much this thrills me. 

~ When you don't read your blogs in about a month, you get really behind. And then you have to spend like... 3 hours trying to catch up. I wish all your bloggers would stop being so interesting and writing so much so that when I get back into the swing of things I don't have to read blogs for 3 or 4 hours. 

~ Please don't stop writing though. I really love your blogs. 

~ We got a new camera. Finally. Cuinn also got his "new to us" computer up and running WITH the webcam. You have no idea how much these two things excite me. The new camera because I can take pictures of my kid and share them with our far away families  and the webcam because Skype with my parents is so much better when they can actually see Aislynn and not just a bunch of pixels. I LOVE seeing the proud looks on their granparent faces. Seriously, fills my heart with joy.

~ We're in the last "chunk" before my parents come home. When my mum and dad left, my mum said, "If you break down the time in chunks in your head, it won't feel so long." So that's what I did. But, like pregnancy, that last little chunk is taking the longest to pass. 12(ish) weeks until they are home. 

~ Cuinn's parents are coming to visit at the end of the month. They have requested that there is actually a baby by the time they get here. Hey, no promises. I like to cook 'em for a while!

~ We have moved. Into our new place. I go through stages of really loving it, to really hating it. But mostly loving it. I think this is a good place for us right now.

~ Double strollers are dumb and I'm not getting one. 

~ I'm also not getting a mini van. No matter how many of our friends keep telling us how amazing they are. I do not believe you. I think you all have drank the kool aid and are just brain washed. 

~ I enjoy Creme Eggs. More than a normal person should...

~ I have nothing more to say right now. See ya in another month. I'll probably still be knocked up.


Colin said...

How on earth do you know Hidetoshi Imura ?

vindiebaby said...

Pregnancy is a really hard stage but one you get to spend time with your little ones you forget about all the pain and difficult times :)
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