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My Inspiration

Sunday, 3 February 2013

A Thing Or Two About Moi...

So, things have been pretty serious in the Simpson home as of late. We're dealing with changes, a friend suffered a great loss, another friend is now dealing with a different reality than expected, and its basically been a really hard month. 

Way to go, January. We used to be pals. I always feel so hopeful when you come around. Then you gotta go and be like that this year? 

I'm hoping all of the yuckiness of this year is over, since January was so full of it. (Screw you, January. Serious.)

So, since it's February and all (which is actually my worst month in recent years), I've decided it's time to just not have crappy things anymore. I'm not accepting it. February I am going to just smile. Every single day. And just pretend that life is really easy and awesome.

So, with that said, my blog post today is just going be random awesome things you never knew but probably wanted to know about me.

You're gonna love it.

1. When I'm alone in the car, I blast the music really loud and I drive as fast as I want. Which is pretty fast. Usually when I'm driving I have Aislynn in the car, so I drive safely with the music down. Or if it's just Cuinn and I, he's the one driving. But when I'm alone... I get to pretend I'm a cool young lady.

2. When asked how old I am, I almost always say 21. Even though I'm really 25. It's not because I'm ashamed of being 25, I just really think I'm 21.

3. I drive a stick shift. If you tell me you don't know how to drive standard, I laugh smugly in my head and feel superior. 

4. The number 1 name on our girl's name list right now is from a tv show. The only reason we have reservations is because we're pretty sure people will make fun of us for it. If this baby is a girl though, we'll still probably use the name.

5. When I'm watching Bro's and Hoe's. Boozers and Sluts. Brothers and Sisters, and Cuinn makes a comment like, "Justin is such a gossip." or "I can't believe how evil Holly is!" It thrills me. I love it when he loves my shows. 

6. I'm not wearing clothes at home, 80% of the time. 

7. When the phone rings, I panic. I screen all my calls and, more often than not, I just send it straight to voicemail. Leave me a message if you want me to call back. Sorry friends, but the phone gives me anxiety.

8. I really hate taking drugs. Even tylenol. When I get a headache, Cuinn tells me to take an advil or something, that also gives me anxiety. Like I'm going to become addicted to it or something. It's weird.

9. I plan my outfits for the next day in my head while trying to fall asleep. 9 times out of 10, I end up wearing something else. I am MUCH more stylish and trendy in my head, but just am not confident enough to wear those outfits in reality. Usually I just stick to my jeans and a tee. 

10. Playdoh is the worst toy in the world. Because I can not STAND IT when the colors mix. Aislynn is ONLY allowed to play with one color at a time and when she wants a new color, she has to pick up ALL the tiny specks of the first color before I get her a new one. I will throw playdoh out if there is any color mixing. Playdoh segregation is an issue people. Get on board.

11. Before I had kids I would judge you if your kid was boistorous. Get it together. Now.... I totally understand that some kids are just insane. And I kinda love it when I see other children being crazy because I can see how much more fun they are. I wouldn't trade my Aislynn for anything. Although, I would love to bottle some of that energy.

12. I'm pretty sure I'm a communist. 

13. I hate showering. SO much. In fact, I only shower every other day, sometimes every third day. Yep. I'm a dirty communist.

14. I loathe being touched. It's not a germy germ thing, it's an "I'm super awkward and don't know how to respond so it's better for everyone if we just don't touch" kinda thing. I'm also kinda crap at the emotional support thing. I'm really good at making you laugh to feel better thing though! And I'm a really good listener and head nodder...

15. Summer vacation used to stress me out in high school. Because I was a social butterfly I never really had a best friend, just kinda went from group to group, so I never had a specific group to hang out with outside of school time. I only went to school to hang out with people and go to the occasional class. So with summer coming, and no school to see people, I would get really stressed and kinda lonely in the summer. I still have summer time. I get seasonal affective disorder in summer. I'm a freak.

16. I would rather eat a big ol' bag of chips than eat ice cream or chocolate. 

17. Unless I'm pregnant. Then I only want skor, cheesecake blizzard from DQ.

18. I am so much more terrified of the known rather than the unknown. I'm ok taking a leap of faith, not knowing what's going to happen. But when I know the kind of outcomes that could happen, I can't handle it. Which is why I am so much more terrified this pregnancy than I was with Aislynn.

19. If Cuinn falls asleep before me, it takes me a lot longer to get to sleep. I feel so much more relaxed and comfortable when he's awake. Which is why I try to fall asleep on the couch while we're watching tv before bed.

20. I want to be like Aislynn when I grow up. I'm so in awe of her and think she's a really cool kid.

Oh. And none of these pictures have anything to do with the post. I just hate a blog post without pictures. 


serena said...

Your hilarious! Hope February is a much better month for you!

Colin said...

PlayDoh? Get over it! Life is messy, so is PlayDoh.

Colin said...

PlayDoh? Get over it. Life is messy, so is PlayDoh