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My Inspiration

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A Post To Remember...

My heart has been heavy the last 10 days. 

When Aislynn was just a wee baby, we used to go to a mommy group called, "New Parents Group."

Some of our closest friends were people we met in this group.

We would share our troubles, our joys, the milestones, the new teeth, the sleepless nights, breastfeeding woes, labor recovery horror stories. We shared some pretty intimate details with one another and thus became pretty tight.

We forged this bond that is pretty unbreakable We were going through the trenches of newborn madness together. 

Then, when our babies started turning 1, we "lost" a few of our members. Back to work they went. But we still kept in contact regularly. Though, not as regularly as we should have maybe. We would get together for playdates every once in a while, and the working super moms would tell us stay at home moms how lucky we were to be with our kids all day, while we stay at home super moms would be a little jealous of the adult conversation the working moms got every day. (Grass is always greener)

One of our friends has suffered a tragic loss this last week.

She now knows the grief that no mom should ever have to feel.

Our group is now missing one of our tiny members, and we all feel this loss. 

It's so hard to find the right words of comfort for our dear friend. So we do what we can by sending flowers, dinners, messages of encouragement, hugs. 

We're gathering tonight in support at the visitation and tomorrow we will celebrate his glorious life which was cut too short.

We'll remember his infectious smile. His hilarious giggle. His big blue eyes. His curly, blonde hair. 

We'll remember how he made his parents over the moon with happiness.

We'll remember how he played with our children.

There is a hole in our group, which can never be refilled and will never be forgotten.

We are all here, standing behind you, friend. In any way we can.

May you rest in peace, sweet little one.

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pippasmum said...

Oh, S, that's awful. I can't imagine what that family is going through. It must be horrible for you, as well.
I'm so sorry and you will all be in my prayers.