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My Inspiration

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A Fall Update...

 I do not know how blogger types with more than one kid have time to blog on the reg and also have their family's fed, looking cute and happy. Y'all must know of some secret I don't. Fill me in, guys!

I miss blogging. A lot. And I am going to make much more effort to be here more often. 

What's been going on? A little bit of everything. Cuinn is currently away in Vancouver. He had his yearly work conference, and he also went a couple days early to hang with his brother. His time with his family went well. He would call with a smile on his face, looking lighter than I've seen him in a long time. I think sometimes (all the time) my man doesn't like to admit to enjoying just being a younger brother. It was good for him to be able to just let loose, and do something fun, without having to worry about a toddler, a baby and a wife. 

Now he is at the conference part of his trip. Let's just say the lightness has disappeared slightly. I kinda wish his brother time had been at the end of his trip, so that he could come home all "young". I love seeing him like that, reminds me of the guy I dated.

Oh this post is starting to sound depressing. Just remember that he's also at a 5 star hotel, eating like a king, partying with Sony and Microsoft and getting to sleep in a big bed, all by himself with no toddler feet in his face and the smell of baby vomit on his overtired wife's shirt! We miss him like crazy, can't wait for him to come home, but we sure are glad he's getting a bit of a rest so when he gets back, this momma can go have a rest!

I saw this post on this chick's blog and I always love a quick and easy bloggity blog blog. So, enjoy!

Making : A baby blanket for a dear friend who is expecting a tiny little girl! 

Cooking : NOTHING! We have been food blessed the last few days with Cuinn being gone. I'm wondering how long I won't have to cook for!
Drinking : Water. Trying to flush out the caffeine induced migraine. 
Reading: Harry Potter series. It's been too long, and I'm in need of some comfort words.
Wanting: My husband home.
Looking: Into road trip tips with two toddlers for next summer.
Playing: Tea party. Every day with Aislynn. I love it.
Wasting: Time on Reddit and Pinterest.
Sewing: Envy. I have it bad. I really need to take my machine over to A.'s house to get that tutorial. 
Wishing: For a mini break.
Enjoying: The quiet.
Waiting: For my head to stop hurting.
Liking: The new granola and banana peanut butter. So delish.
Wondering: If my babies will sleep all night long tonight.
Loving: Grey's. I'm rewatching it from season 1 on Netflix. 
Hoping: For a later wake up call tomorrow.
Marveling: At how loud my clock ticks. Has it always been that loud or am I only just noticing it now?
Needing: A date night. Time by myself. A girls night. In that order. 
Smelling: Baby puke. Lorelei just woke up for a top up for the night, and now I need to change my shirt.
Wearing: Cuinn's pj bottoms. Because they are just way more comfy than mine.
Following: His direction.
Noticing: That my baby Aislynn is not such a baby anymore. 
Thinking: About all that needs to be accomplished this week.
Knowing: That I can do this. I. Can. Do. This.
Focusing: On my family. 
Bookmarking: Christmas idea's. 
Opening: My heart to hear what direction to take.
Giggling: About Aislynn copying my words to Lorelei at bedtime. "Goodnight Lorelei. Love you to the moon!"
Feeling: Filled with thoughts and emotions. I need to let some of them out. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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