My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Thursday, 6 December 2012

A Thursday Full Of Thanks...

No introduction today. Just getting straight to the praise...

1. I am so thankful for our health. You know the first day after you're sick, how you're all, "I'm never going to take being healthy for granted again!" Well, this time I'm serious.

2. How much Cuinn does around here. This guy. I did not fully appreciate or realize how much he helps me, until he got sick and couldn't help as much anymore. You all deserve a husband like mine. Except, not mine. Because he's mine.


3. Aislynn saying one word all day long for the last week. Momma? Momma? Momma! Momma! Momma? Yes, it gets a bit annoying when she says it litterally all. Day. Long. I kinda like being a big deal around here.

4. Every single kick and turn this baby is doing. I really missed those kicks after Aislynn was born, and I am revelling in all the movement.


5. Christmas oranges. I don't care what they are "really" called. They are, and always will be, Christmas oranges to me.

6. Candy Canes. For real. Candy Canes are my weakness. None of those crazy different flavors though. (except cherry. I love cherry) Give me a plain, old Candy Cane and I will be your best friend for life.


7. Epicure's Mac and Cheese seasoning. It kicks KD's ass every single time. Don't believe me? Just try it, I promise, you will not want KD ever again.

8. Vinegar. 'nuff said.

9. This Santa picture. Aislynn... I love you.


10. That Aislynn slept for TWO HOURS yesterday during nap. I did not enjoy that she then didn't go to sleep until midnight last night, but getting an unexpected 2 hours in the quiet was kinda awesome.

11. Driving with my husband. Seriously. I love just driving with Cuinn. Which is kinda weird, because as a kid I hated the car. But now I really enjoy sitting in the passenger seat while Cuinn is driving us somewhere.

12. That I have 13 pregnant friends right now. Yep. I know 13 people who are pregnant. Wait, actually I only know 12, since I am the 13th. Still. That's a lotta new babies! Plus, I just love our friends.


13. Re-reading the Potter series. I haven't done it since I was pregnant with Aislynn, and since I'm pregnant again, seemed like a good time to do it for the 1000th time. I get new enjoyment each time I read them. Plus, I like "geeking out" since my hubby gets to do it all the time. I get to be a geek too!


14. Right now, my wedding rings fit. In the evenings, not so much. During the day though? I get to wear them again. Which is always lovely.

15. Movie night being spread over two nights. I know, that's a weird one, but Cuinn and I started watching Dark Knight Rises last night, Aislynn had a fitful sleep because of her two hour nap, so I had to go to bed and sleep with her. So we watched the first part last night, and now I get another cuddle night with Cuinn on the couch to watch the second half. Yay!

16. Hearing Cuinn read to Aislynn in her bed. So sweet.


17. That Aislynn tells us when it is nap time and bed time. At nap time she just goes to her room and at night she says, "Tub? Tub time? Tub daddy?" Love it.

18. Cuinn's staff party was on Sunday. I'm thankful that J and S watched Aislynn for us. I'm also thankful that their son C is such a big part of Aislynn's life. Those two kids really love each other. Good thing we love his parents!

19. Also, I'm thankful for the staff party. We had such a blast. Cuinn's employees are really awesome, it's a small store, so there aren't a lot of people. There was only 9 of us at the party, but because it's small, everyone knows each other and it's really great.

20. Our friend Bekka. She has been watching Aislynn every Tuesday for the last 7 weeks so Cuinn and I could go on this marriage course. I'm really sad it's over because no weekly date night. BUT, we are soooooo grateful that Bekka watched Aislynn for us. Bekka, we need to set up our dinner date soon!


Jade usually does the Thursday posts, so I'm sending you there. Hopefully she does one this week since I've missed the last couple!

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Jade Steckly said...

So many awesome things! Daniel and I LOVED Dark Knight's really good! Also, I'm going to have to get me so of that Mac and cheese seasoning! I love epicure, but have yet to try that one!