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My Inspiration

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

An Opinion Or Two...

Erin always hosts awesome linky linky's. Seriously, I always join up, not because I want to meet new people and be a part of it, but because her prompts are awesome and hilarious. Just the way a linky linky should be.

So this time it's a matter of opinion.

See what I did there?

So here's a few of my opinions.

Also, Erin, I found out that although we are both awesome and would be the coolest friends ever in real life, our opinions on some thing are so different. You'll see...

1. Baths are for kids and old people. Unless you're preggo. Then they are a necessity.

2. Politics should never be discussed. Ever. Because once someone finds out your political stance, the way they see you is altered. No matter what. Just like me because I'm awesome, not because of who I vote for!

3. The only reason people get pregnant again is because their pregnancies were really easy. Then they have a yucky pregnancy, and they stop. True story.

4. Being a stay at home mum is hard. Being a pregnant stay at home mum is nearly impossible.

5. When you are pregnant, you should not talk about it all the time. Except on your blog. Ya gotta get it out somewhere!

6. You should always ask someone if they want a hug. Because some people don't like hugs, and it makes them really awkward. So stop the awkwardness, and just ask!

7. Every couple should have an electronics freeze once a week. Cuinn. You should read this one.

8. Facebook is really stupid. Unless your family lives in England. 

9. Just because my kid has a runny nose, doesn't mean she's sick, which means I'm allowed to be out and about. Don't make me feel like a bad parent because my kids nose is constantly running. 

10. Secondary education should be free. There. I said it. Bam.

11. Clothing should be optional. But it should also be not weird that people are naked all the time. Seriously. I hate clothes.

12. Everything should be free. There should not be money. OR, everyone should have the exact same amount of money, so that there are no classes. BUT, people wouldn't be lazy or take advantage of it. 

13. Reality TV should be taken off the air. Seriously.

14. The weather should always alternate between thunderstorms and a brisk fall day. That's all.

15. Scarves are awesome. And should be worn with every outfit.

16. Labour should be easier. Seriously. I'm already dreading it. DREADING it.

17. Teleportation needs to be invented already.

18. If you drive an ice cream truck, with the music on, at EIGHT O'CLOCK AT NIGHT, you must be shoot. 

19. Everyone should download the jetpack app. That game is so addicting, but awesome. 

20. Humans shouldn't have to bathe. We should just be naturally fresh. Showering is such a chore.

21. Cleaning fairies should exist.

22. My husband is the best kisser ever. And all your husbands should be jealous of his mad skill.

23. People should just do the right thing. You know those rules you learned in kindergarten? Just follow those as an adult. C'mon, why can't we all just live harmoniously?

24. Fashion bloggers are weird. I don't get it?

25. Pregnancy should last, at most, 9 days. Not 9 months. Or in my case...10.

26. Food should just appear in your fridge and cupboards. Grocery shopping blows.

27. Nap time should be mandatory. Every afternoon.

28. Everything should be closed on Sunday's. Everybody needs a break once a week, and I think everything should just shut down once a week. 

29. If you are with someone, your phone should stay in your pocket/purse and should only come out if you need to make an emergency call. A real emergency. Don't be rude, be with the person you're with.

30. Lists should never end on an uneven number. It makes me unnaturally twitchy. 


Serena Nicholson said...

Congrats on the new little blessing, and I totally agree with how hard it is being a stay at home mom. I also agree with an electronic gadget free day, lol

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Hmmm... 9 days wouldn't give me enough time to get over the shock and then buy all of the adorable socks I would find necessary. But I agree that pregnancy is too long. Maybe 1 month? that would be sufficient for me...

pippasmum said...

Ummm, apparently I missed something in following the blogworld! It sounds to me like someone is expecting and I am SO EXCITED for you!!!! Seriously, it is so much easier the second time! When are you due? Details, lady!!!

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

Don't worry S, as soon as I am able to type more than a few sentences without wanting to run to the bathroom, I'll do a tell all post. Plus, I've been keeping this pregnancy a little more quiet this time. Trying to savor every moment of my last pregnancy.